Green, Fun, & Free Halloween Crafts & Decorations From Recycling

Listed below are several kid-friendly craft ideas for festively and frightfully decorating your family home or classroom. And the best part about these fun Halloween crafts for kids and families? You don’t need to go shopping for the materials. Just check out your recycling bin. That’s right. All these Halloween homemade decorations are made from using recycled materials, making them free and a little greener. So round up the kids and enjoy making these fearsome, fun, and free homemade Halloween decorations for an afternoon of fun, and an afternoon of being a little greener.

First Free, Green, and Fun Homemade Halloween Decoration: Ghouls in the Windows

Are those creepy monsters lurking in your windows or some fun Halloween decorations?

For this spooky homemade kids’ Halloween craft you will need:

  • brown paper grocery sacks
  • scissors
  • an assortment of washable, water-based paint
  • a paint tarp or newspaper to cover the work space


  1. Begin by cutting one side out of a brown paper grocery sack.
  2. Allow your child to paint a frightful monster face on the cut out side of the sack. I would suggest using the side without text to paint on.
  3. Let the painting dry thoroughly.
  4. Cut around the monster’s head so you have more of a silhouette.

Tape the monster up in your window from the inside. From the outside these silhouettes will look like creepy inhabitants are peering out through your windows. You don’t have to do monsters, although this is something that young artists do enjoy creating. You also could consider doing a scary hand, a witch, a ghost or other ghoulish residents.

A Homemade Pumpkin Man as a Thrifty Halloween Decoration From Recyclables

Have a friendly pumpkin man seated on your porch ready to great visitors.

For this fun Halloween kid-friendly decoration you will need to assemble:

  • an old pair of pants
  • an old long sleeved shirt
  • old shoes or boots
  • a pumpkin, gourd, or a brown lunch sack. for the head
  • lots of old newspaper.
  • white string or rubber bands.
  • a chair, bench, or straw bale for your pumpkin man to be seated comfortably and stylishly on.


  1. Begin by tying the bottom ends of the pant legs with string or rubber bands. Stuff the pants with lots of newspaper.
  2. Place pants in chair or the seating location. Put pant legs in shoes or boots.
  3. Tie bottom of the shirt. Stuff shirt with newspaper, until very hard. Place shirt on top of pants, so that the waist of the pants go around the stuffed shirt.
  4. Decorate pumpkin, gourd, or lunch sack stuffed with newspaper with a face and place on top of shirt. Make sure that shirt is stuffed with enough newspaper that the weight of the pumpkin can be held up.
  5. Add a hat, gloves, scarf, or other festive accessories to your pumpkin man.

When you are ready to take down this decoration, remember to recycle newspaper and donate old clothes.

Yogurt Container Ghosts as Another Money Saving Halloween Craft for Kids From Recyclables

Make a string of scary ghosts to grace any archway or doorway. For this activity you will need:

  • string
  • old, washed out yogurt containers.
  • white and black paint.
  • scissors


  1. Paint yogurt containers white. You may need to do several layers of paint to make containers completely white.
  2. When white paint is dry, paint on black faces with paint.
  3. Have an adult poke hole on each side of the containers.
  4. String all the ghosts together.

Hang your creepy gaggle of ghosts across any doorway or archway.

Be Creative for More Fun and Money Saving Halloween Crafts From Recyclables

The possibilities to be a little greener in your decorating and save money are endless. Buying gourds, pumpkins, or dried corn stalks and other perishable items are probably your best bet when going for green decorations.

If just looking for ways make your home a little creepier for less money, be creative. The ideas for fun homemade Halloween crafts don’t end here. You too can come up with great ideas to frighten your guests and trick-or-treaters. Maybe throwing an old white sheet over a broom on your porch, in the dim light, will bear an uncannily resemblance to a ghostly visitor. Maybe several of your favorite yard ornaments, if arranged with cement blocks, will look uncannily like a graveyard. Be creative and fun. See old household items a new way to have budget friendly, and a little greener, Halloween decorations.

Until then, enjoy making with your kids these green, festive, and free homemade Halloween crafts from recyclables.

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