Green Christmas Gift Ideas

For thoughtful but cool Christmas presents this year, these earth-friendly gift ideas are both fun and serve a cause. Proceeds go to support the agencies’ ongoing administrative, legal, and educational work to preserve wildlife. All the sites listed below offer convenient online shopping.

Online green gifts include:

  • Wild Animal Adoptions
  • Adopt a tree
  • Adopt a habitat
  • Buy something from an ecological organization’s catalog
  • You can also use an outright donation as a gift
  • Gift a membership

Adoptions, memberships, and donations all work the same way. You decide online, and the organization contacts the recipient by email or mail on the date you specify, and they can then decide what animal, tree, or habitat to choose. The money is used in the agency’s work to protect the environment.

The gift recipient also receives adoption certificates, wildlife or habitat photos, a miniature plush toy of their chosen adopted animal if applicable, and other associated gifts.

Each Environmental Agency has its Specialty

Below is a list of environmental organizations for online Christmas presents. In addition to the gifts listed above, each organization has its own unique specialty based on its area of interest.

National Resources Defense Council This powerful umbrella organization has many options for gifts. You can choose from specialty programs, such as the Polar Bear Club, Buffalo Babysitter, Clean Energy Boost, Help Build an Urban Park, Order a Green Teacher Kit for your kids’ school, and Donate Toward the Renewable Energy Future. Other programs are available on the web site.

World Wildlife Fund Symbolic wild animal adoptions are available here. You can choose from lions and bears through to wolves. World Wildlife Fund also offers “Guardian” gifts for a specific cause such as preserving rainforests to suit the specific interest area. All profits go to “scientific investigations, habitat preservation, and other programs to preserve many of the most endangered animals on Earth,” according to their website.

Audubon Society The unique feature in 2017 is the authentic bird sounds recorded in the miniature plush bird you get when you adopt a bird. When you squeeze the toy, it will call its unique bird call. Available are bald eagles, loons, mockingbirds, and cardinals among others.

Arbor Day Foundation This site has a selection of tree-related gifts. You can gift a tree choosing from three evergreen varieties of redwood, pines or spruces. This present will last a life time and beyond, giving the owner the pleasure of seeing it grow and remind them that something of them will stay behind for a long time.

On this website you can also order specialty coffee and tea. You can also gift membership, buy Gift and Conference Center Gift Cards, T-shirts and kids building blocks, all with the Arbor Day theme. You can also order Christmas cards that celebrate nature.

Sierra Club Among 2017 offerings, you can sponsor a wild place. The proceeds will go to protect the wild areas around the world. Among the available places are Yellowstone Park, Yosemite Park, and the Everglades National Park.

The Nature Conservancy This site centers on gifts to protect habitat for a specific species such as hummingbirds. You can choose your species to suite your interest. Also available are“Adopt an Acre” gifts in places ranging from the Coral Reef to the Appalachians.

National Wildlife Federation Similar to World Wildlife Fund, this site offers adoptions from wide range of animals from bears to American robins.

The Lakota Wolf Preserve Based in Columbia, New Jersey, a gift donation gets you an individual wolf to adopt, and an actual visit to observe wolves in the wild in the observation area.

An Earth Friendly Christmas Gift Will Last a Long Time

Unlike the many gadgets and toys that either get discarded, break, or are replaced by the newer versions, ecological gifts celebrating our planet go on beyond our lifespan, and can teach the recipient more about the fragile globe we live in.

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