Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

You’d be hard pressed to find a person who doesn’t feel like she’s on an episode of Mission: Impossible when scouring the mall for dad’s Christmas gift. This year there are some great affordable options for dad, and no, they aren’t ties and socks.

A Technology Christmas Gift for Dad

Dads love gifts of technology, but they can be expensive. Don’t fret if you don’t have the funds to buy an iPad. How about giving dad a cool gadget that can make his life easier? Get dad a Powermat, which is a wireless charging system. No more searching for outlets and messes of cords everywhere. Dad can recharge any of his wireless devices simply by placing them on the mat. Now his HTC or Blackberry, iPod and even his Nintendo DS can get a charge quickly and easily.

Sports Gifts for Fathers

Many dads are great spectator sportsmen. Tap into dad’s love for sports by getting him a premium subscription to the NFL channel or the MLB channel. These channels will give dad front row seats to all of his favorite games, without having to leave the house.

If dad loves to play sports as well, think about arranging time for him to play with his buddies. If he plays golf, reserve a tee time. If he plays ice hockey, rent some ice time. Then dig through his sports paraphernalia. Does he need new workout gloves, an air pump for his bike? Does he need to replace his smelly shin guards? Could he use some new ski goggles? What will enhance his performance? What can he use every time he plays his favorite sport? Answer these questions and you are sure to come up with a gift idea that dad likes.

Food and Drink Make Good Christmas Gifts for Dads

Sometimes dads are hard to buy for because it seems like they don’t need anything. For these dads, gifts of consumption can be good choices. Does dad have a favorite single malt scotch that he breaks out for special occasions? Does he have a favorite wine or other drink? How about a favorite type of coffee, a restaurant he loves to dine in, or a type of cookie he looks forward to eating?

Gifts of consumption can be both grand and expensive or small and downright affordable. Go big and splurge for an expensive type of alcohol or set to work in the kitchen and prepare dad his favorite treat. Either way, he’ll be delighted with the thoughtful gift.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Dads are Personalized

The key to giving a great gift is honing in on what dad’s interests are. Think about how he spends his free time. If he loves to play with gadgets, a technology gift is in order. If he loves to play sports, get him a gift that enables him to play or watch it. If he loves his dining experiences, enhance them by presenting him with his favorite desserts or drinks. One thing is certain: giving dad a gift that taps into his interests ensures he will have a very Merry Christmas.

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