Golf Stocking Stuffers for Christmas: Four Gifts to Improve Enjoyment and Performance for Your Golfer

The problem with most golf bags is that storage compartments aren’t always easily accessible, especially drink compartments. After all, who wants to search, move their bag, and unzip a compartment, all for a drink of water? Not many. Simplicity is the key. The Golfing Caddy has solved the simplicity problem.

The Golfing Caddy is a tote and beverage holder that easily clips to your golf bag. The chief utility is its ease of use in holding up to 24 ounces of a favorite drink. The 1 1/2 in. metal, not plastic, clip allows it to be placed in just about any location a golfer chooses. Simplicity!

It also performs other functions, chief among them a towel holder, which is second only to hydration. A metal clip will keep the golf towel, and car keys, in the same easily accessible location as the all important drink. Hydration, clean grips, clubs and ball, and car keys all within view and reach. There’s also a pouch for other gadgets, which will store them out of the trouser pockets securely. Plenty of room for balls and tees, too. Practical, simple, beautiful!

The Golfing Caddy can be purchased at One round of golf with the Golfing Caddy and golfers will know they received a great Christmas golf gift.

Learn to Win: One Shot at a Time

How many golf instructors can boast of having three major champions as students, all at one time? It’s likely only one, Dr. Morris Pickens. Affectionately known by his students as Dr. Mo, Pickens is a sports psychologist and teacher at Sea Island Golf Learning Center in Sea Island, Georgia. He counts among his students, which include golfers of all skill levels, the current British Open champion (Stewart Cink), the current United States Open champion (Lucas Glover) and the Masters Champion (Zach Johnson). Now, every golfer, regardless of their location, can learn from one of the true masters of the mental game with Dr. Picken’s book, Learn to Win: One Shot at a Time.

Learn to Win is a short, easy to read book. It is in no way an academic book, and that is a compliment. The fact that it is simple to read compliments the fact that the mental game of golf, though as important as a good swing and physical fitness, is not difficult to understand. Through his Four R’s process, Dr. Mo demonstrates that each and every golfer can improve their performance and enjoyment. Like any other aspect of golf, mental preparation takes practice and dedication, a golfer doesn’t have to be a pro to conquer it.

Learn to Win will be a great addition to a golf library and to the Christmas stocking. It can be purchased at, and other locations.

5 Minutes to Tee Time

Face it. Most amateur golfers have limited time. Work and family are the priorities in life, deservedly so, so time for undertaking a golf fitness program is limited. 5 Minutes to Tee Time is a book that will provide, in a short time, a boost to flexibility and fitness that will help to improve golf performance, and overall health.

5 Minutes to Tee-Time, created and written by fitness expert Michael R. Bruno, has been designated as a recommended program by Golf Fitness Magazine. It is a small volume, which will fit within a golf bag, and the exercises are easy to follow and perform. It’s simply an ideal book for the golfer. Just pop it in the bag and you have it with you at the course for reference in preparation for the next round of golf.

Specifically, 5 MTTT is a series of golf specific flexibility and conditioning exercises that is designed to prepare the upper, middle, and lower portions of the body. The most convenient aspect of the book is that it provides golfers with an immediate impact. As, Bruno states, the book isn’t meant to take the place of a fitness program, but is instead meant to prepare the golf swing and body for a round of golf.

One of the coolest things you get with 5MTTT is the bag tag with images of each exercise. Very innovative and convenient.

5 Minutes to Tee-Time can be found at and at many golf shops and retail outlets.

Knetgolf Golf Balls

One dozen brand new Titleist ProV-1 golf balls can cost $50. 12 golf balls, $50. That’s over $4 per ball. Premium golf balls from other manufacturers are just as outrageously priced. Knetgolf promises to provide them for half that price. How? Knetgolf is a golf ball recycler. For those that follow the “green” movement, that’s very green and it saves golfers a lot of green.

Knetgolf visits golf courses and resorts and recovers balls lost by golfers. They collect them and asign either a grade A, B or C. The Grade A balls cannot be distinguished from new balls and perform just as well. Effectively, even though they have been used, when a dozen Grade A balls are purchased from Knetgolf, a golfer will be playing with new balls.

A wide selection of balls can be purchased from Knetgolf at Knowing they paid half of the price of new balls, but they’re getting the performance of new, will make every golfer happy. They’ll be one of the coolest Christmas stocking stuffers.

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