German Christmas Markets: Enjoy Their Enchantment

Tourists visiting Germany during Christmas should not miss the beauty and magic of German Christmas Markets, which take place in villages, towns, and cities all over Germany. It is a German tradition to spend much time having a great family time in their Christmas markets. For that reason, German Christmas Markets are always full of happy people with their families, especially with their children. If you want to have a fantastic and unforgettable Christmas while visiting Germany, then you should not miss a German Christmas Market. Tourists will find many delightful handmade souvenirs to take home, such as toys, candles, precious Christmas tree ornaments; leather and lambskin garments; the traditional German clothes, and unique figurines. Also, tourists should not forget to taste the candy apples, the wines, the decorated gingerbread biscuits, and the traditional German sausages that local merchants sell in these Christmas markets.

Berlin Christmas Markets

Berlin is not only known as the capital of Germany, but also as the capital of German Christmas Markets. From traditional to the urban fashion, Berlin offers to locals and tourists alike a variety of sixty Christmas markets. This year, a Christmas market portraying the Biedermeier period will take place in front of Charlottenburg Castle. Another of Berlin’s distinct Christmas markets is the WeihnachtsZauber on Gendarmermarkt. It is renown around Europe for its beauty and because the historic Berlin Christmas Market is set up there.

Hamburg Christmas Market

Hanseatic tradition defines the most beautiful Christmas market held in Hamburg. It is presented by the Roncalli’s Circus; therefore tourists will have a fantastical experience here. Children will have a fun time taking rides in the antique carousels. Furthermore, tourists will marvel at the diversity of merchandise sell at this market. Ornaments from the Erzgebirge region, pottery from the Lausitz region, woodcarvings from Tyrol, backers from Aachen, and gingerbread makers from Nuremberg are some of the merchandise options.

Nuremberg Christmas Market

Germany’s most acclaimed Christmas market is celebrated in the city of Nuremberg. Around two million of tourists from all over the world travel to Germany to experience the Nuremberg Christmas Market. The magnificent opening of this event occurs on the Nuremberg Main Market Square, exactly at 5:30 pm on the Friday before the first Advent Sunday. During the opening act, a Christmas Angel recites a holy prologue from the veranda of the church of Our Lady. What is more, Nuremberg’s Christmas Market is also known as the “Little Town from Wood and Cloth” because nearly 180 wooden sale booths, decorated with red and white cloth, are assembled in it. One f the visitors’ preferred souvenir is the “Nuremberg Plum People”, which are miniature motifs made from prunes.

Stuttgart Christmas Market

The Stuttgart Christmas Market is one of the oldest, most stunning, and hugest Christmas markets all over Europe. It is recognized for its incomparable illumination, its jolly Advent concerts, and its little wooden houses gracefully adorned with heavenly motifs. As a result, the Stuttgart Christmas Market is visited by millions of people every year. The Open-air-skating area, in front of the New Palace, is quite popular among visitors.

Ulm Christmas Market

Ulm is the host city of the tallest church tower of the world. Right in front of Ulm Minster, on Münsterplatz square, over 120 lovely ornamented sale booths are assembled for the Ulm Christmas Market. The atmosphere is radiant and impressive. Some of the things to see are the life-size Nativity scenes, the fairytale marquee, and the real sheep in the stables. In addition, the Steiff teddy bear factory, widely known for its high quality toys, is just a few miles away from the Ulm Christmas Market. Children would love to get some Christmas presents from this toys’ factory.

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