Funny Christmas Gift Ideas – Novelty T-Shirts

The holidays are a time for family and friends to get together and spend some quality time together. Increase the merriment by giving gifts that are humorous and provide much laughter; creating memories that will be remembered for years. A novelty T-shirt is inexpensive yet funny slogans can make for a unique gift. Be creative with the humble shirt for a gift that will make Christmas an enjoyable time.

Buy Custom & Novelty T-shirts Online

Funny T-shirt phrases can create a memorable item of clothing and there are numerous sites online that offer personalized shirts. Artwork can be holiday-themed though remember that this will shorten the wearability of the shirt. Sites that offer customized T-shirts include Zazzle, CafePress, Red Bubble, Spreadshirt or T-Shirt Monster. Note that each site is different and suitability depends on the buyer’s location.

Ideas for Funny T-Shirt Phrases

Amusing shirt slogans can vary depending on who will be wearing the gift. A grandfather is likely to have a different sense of humor compared to a teenager. Bear this in mind when selecting a shirt. Here are a variety of phrases that can be used for a custom shirt:

  • Don’t Stop Believing – This phrase with a picture of Santa makes for a good holiday shirt for kids.
  • Give Pea’s a Chance – This would work great on a green shirt and a picture of peas.
  • This is my Recession T-Shirt – This generic slogan would be suitable for anyone.
  • I am Currently Away From my Computer – A good one for those who spend a lot of time online.
  • I’d Kill for a Nobel Peace Prize – An ironic statement that could be added to a picture of a gun.
  • It’s Hard to Be Nostalgic When You Can’t Remember Anything – Perfect for elder relatives with a sense of humor!

If more offensive T-shirt designs are wanted then check out Some of the tame examples include: “Not tonight ladies, I’m just here to get drunk”,”It’s not PMS it’s you” and “How do I block you in real life?”

Funny & Cool T-shirts for Tweens

Adolescents can be hard to shop for as they are likely to be unimpressed with “kiddy” gifts. A custom T-shirt is ideal- perhaps with their name in an attractive font. Try finding a ready-made design with their favorite TV show or music band. Alternatively, here are five suggestions that should be appreciated by most older kids and teenagers:

  • have a shirt design based on the popular TV program Family Guy. Brian from the show is featured on a red cotton shirt with the slogan “I’m allergic to stupid people. Aaah-Choo.”
  • have a fun BRB shirt that has the words BRB with a picture of a boomerang.
  • A Talk to My Agent shirt is ideal for aspiring child actors or singers.
  • have an amusing shirt with a Baby Gaga shirt that will be popular with fans of all ages.
  • A Little Miss Christmas shirt is a great holiday-themed gift for tween girls.

Be sure to check times for delivery especially if it is close to Christmas. Most sites will clearly post the latest possible order dates for delivery by Christmas. Try to avoid stress by ordering as early as possible. Gift giving is easy with funny and inexpensive Christmas novelty t-shirts. Add a personal touch with funny t-shirt phrases and slogans to make a shirt that is memorable.

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