Fun & Easy Halloween Craft – Floating Ghosts: Quick & Simple Ghost Encourages Teamwork and Active Play

Get kids excited about a Halloween craft that is fun and unusual by making floating ghosts. This craft is simple, easy, and requires supplies that are readily available. Set-up time is minimal and kids tend to enjoy the interactive teamwork involved in flying a ghost.

Supplies for Making Floating Ghosts

  • Construction paper (all white or various colors – one 8 ½ X 11 page makes 2 ghosts)
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Drinking straw (ones with a larger diameter are easier to thread – one straw will make about six ghosts)
  • Yarn
  • Washers or other round rings (optional – 4/ghost)

How to Make a Floating Ghost (see pictures below for a visual guide)

  • Fold construction paper in half
  • Turn the paper and fold in half again
  • Cut the paper on the second fold
  • Draw a ghost with the top at the fold
  • Cut out ghost making sure to leave the top fold intact (if the top is accidentally cut, it can be taped together)
  • Decorate the ghost with markers (kids can get creative and make a girl ghost, Elvis ghost, add a name or shapes, draw a multi-colored ghoul, or use other artistic ideas)
  • Cut straw to the length of the top of the ghost
  • Open ghost and tape straw inside
  • Cut yarn to desired length (smaller kids will need shorter yarn)
  • Thread both pieces through the straw (if having trouble threading the yarn, wrap a small piece of tape around the ends that are being threaded first)
  • Knot each end of the yarn or tie washers on each end of yarn to prevent ends from slipping through straw

How to Make Floating Ghosts Fly

  • Create teams of two people for each ghost.
  • Have one child hold both ends of yarn on one side of the ghost.
  • Have the other child hold both ends of yarn on the other side of the ghost.
  • Children take turns alternating opening and closing their arms.
  • The ghost will float away as the yarn separates!

Fun Variations of Floating Ghosts

  • Use glow-in-the-dark markers and turn out the lights
  • Encourage Kids to decorate ghosts that are opposites on each side
  • Have a ghost-a-thon to see which pair can keep their ghost floating for the longest period of time
  • See whose ghost is fastest during a specified amount of time
  • Incorporate additional applicable learning, such as finding the letter U in the ghost or counting trips, counting skips (2, 4, 6, etc.) or seeing how yarn length affects the ghost’s ability to float
  • Turn on some Halloween music and let the ghosts dance
  • Use a long sturdy string and attach a balloon to get the ghost to fly across the room
  • Apply the same concept for other holidays

Utilize Teamwork and Encourage Imaginative Artwork with Floating Ghosts

Floating ghosts are a memorable and fun Halloween craft that kids can enjoy while working together. This Halloween craft encourages imagination in the artwork, teamwork in the application, and the person planning this craft can enjoy minimal set-up time with inexpensive and readily available supplies.

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