Fun Craft Ideas for Old Christmas Cards

A dozen? Twenty? Thirty-seven? Just how many personal photo slips and pretty cards with Season’s Greetings does a typical family accumulate in December? Most families end up with about twenty five and tend toss them. However, there are wiser alternatives. Christmas cards can be recycled into new, useful things, like bookmarks for one.

Holiday cards, with their bold colors, glitter, and festive patterns, are perfect for making decorative pieces for the next holiday season. Any family can do this, even if they are not craft experts. Just take a look at the wreath project and other ideas below, then follow along.

Perhaps these quick, fun ideas will trigger further ideas for family craft projects.

Make Gorgeous New Ornaments With the Decoupage Technique

The simplest way to make an ornament is to cut a small circle from a card, hole-punch it, and put a plastic tie or paper clip through the hole.

For a fancier type of ornament, go to a local craft or hobby store like and buy a 3-D wood star or oval ornament, as well as a special lacquer like mod podge. Using a craft knife, carefully cut the snowmen, trees, churches, and pine boughs from old cards. Layer them atop the ornament and brush on the special glue. Keep adding more holiday pictures till there is no more brown showing. Let dry and attach a string if necessary.

Make a Sparkly New Bookmark

Holiday cards come with pretty landscapes, lacy snowflakes, and sparkly details that are too lovely to throw away. Cutting cards down to about the size of a 6″ ruler, then adding a tassel, readily turns greeting cards into bookmarks. Readers can find complete directions on how to make a personalized bookmark here.

A Cute New Wreath for Your Holiday Decor

Using a large drinking glass, trace circles onto old cards and cut them out. Remove the middle from a 9″ paper plate and glue the circles around it, so they overlap a bit. When dry, add a nice bow to the top or bottom of this little card wreath.

Next holiday, when this wreath comes out for display, see if anyone can remember who sent the different cards that were used in it.

A Novel Photo Frame

Find a nice silvery or gold-foil card for this one. Trace two holiday bells onto the card, including a big round clapper. Cut the bells out, and then cut around two faces from holiday photos. Glue the little faces to the circular clapper and it becomes a handy seasonal photo frame.

Many Options, and All Do Good

Turning old Christmas cards and photos into new decorations is a wonderful idea. It will save money and help save the environment. Furthermore, it gives kids something fun to do while they are stuck inside on blustery days.

Projects made from greeting cards also provide the family with adorable new items for its annual stash of holiday decor. Whenever these new ornaments, frames and wreaths come out of storage, there will be a special opportunity to reconnect with old friends and reflect on years past.

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