Free Printable Halloween Activities for Children: Kids Word Search Worksheets, Crossword Puzzles, Coloring Pages

Find out what other types of Halloween worksheets are available on that site and learn how to turn any worksheet into an educational lesson. Also, see links to more sources of free Halloween worksheets.

Printable Halloween Activities for Children

Other Halloween worksheets available on the DLTK-holidays website include the following:

  • Cryptograms – Among other images, a rendering of a ghost, cat, bat, vampire, or witch adorns a randomly generated Halloween cryptogram.
  • Math Worksheets – Get over fifty different math activities appropriate for first through fifth graders.
  • Tracer Pages – Kids can learn how to write letters of the alphabet with Halloween-themed tracer pages. Children can practice upper and lower case in script type font or standard block letters. Each letter is associated with a Halloween image; for instance, the letter “G” is for ghost, and the letter “P” is for pumpkin.
  • Word Scrambles – These activities, also called anagrams, come in three themes – general Halloween, bats, spiders. They are two-fold activities; first, kids must unscramble individual words, then they must solve for a single word from all circled letters on each page. Each theme comes in an easy and more difficult version, and every sheet can be printed in color or black & white.

Learn with Halloween Activities – Kids Crossword Puzzles, Word Search Worksheets

Like many other holidays, Halloween provides an opportune time for parents to make learning fun. Activities like Halloween-themed crossword puzzles and word search worksheets are fun for children because they seem like games with cute themes.

Parents can take the learning in many directions. In addition to focusing on the number or word games in these printables, parents can segue into learning lessons related to the images on each worksheet. For instance, a word search worksheet with a bat image can lead to a discussion about bats, including what kind of animals they are, how they fly around, and the fact that they are nocturnal. A kids’ crossword puzzle with a pumpkin image can be turned into a related lesson about pumpkins, including how pumpkins grow on vines, various ways to cook pumpkins in pies and other dishes, and how pumpkins are considered fruits and not vegetables.

Print Fun Activities for Children – Halloween Coloring Pages

In addition to the worksheet activities mentioned above, parents can find free Halloween coloring pages online.

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