Free Halloween Shapes for Cookies and Decoration: Simple Spooky Templates to Use as Outlines for Halloween Silhouettes

Simple Halloween outlines are a great way to make a Halloween party even more fun! Download the free files below, or create original, simple Halloween silhouettes, for endless possibilities for Halloween decorations and spooky snacks.

Halloween Baking with Simple Halloween Images

Instead of buying Halloween cookie cutters, use these simple Halloween images as templates for homemade cookies and savory biscuits:

  • Print and cut out single copies of the Halloween outlines.
  • Trace round the images onto baking parchment or greaseproof paper, and then cut out these new shapes.
  • Place the baking parchment shapes lightly onto rolled out cookie dough, and then cut out the shape with a sharp knife.
  • Add features such as eyes using raisins or chocolate chip cookies.

Alternatively, dust Halloween shapes in icing sugar, cocoa or sweet paprika powder onto plain shaped cookies or savory biscuits:

  • Cut out Halloween shapes in baking parchment or greaseproof paper as a silhouette.
  • Place the silhouette of the image onto a cooked cookie or biscuit.
  • Using a sieve, lightly dust the edible powder through the hole in the paper.
  • Carefully remove the paper to reveal the shape

Kids Halloween Coloring Gets Creative!

Fire children’s imaginations by giving them simple Halloween shapes to complete and color in. Older kids will enjoy adding features such as eyes and mouth on several identical outline printouts, learning how small changes in facial features can dramatically change the overall effect. Younger children will simply enjoy having a big space to color in as they wish!

How to Make Original Halloween Decorations

Print several copies of the Halloween shapes onto colored card, and cut them out. Attach a short length of string to each cut out by punching a small hole at the top of each shape. Suspend the cut outs from a long piece of colored string to create a Halloween garland. Hang several Halloween shapes vertically on long strings, and then hang a number of these strings from a single string suspended across the top of a doorway to create a homemade Halloween door curtain.

Adjust the size of the printed Halloween shapes to suit each spooky project, and if several shapes are needed, use computer drawing or image software to create the printouts needed. Colored card, or coloring the files on a computer before color printing, offers endless creative possibilities. Save money and fire the family’s imagination by inventing new ways to use these free Halloween pictures as cutouts, silhouettes and stencils.

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