Five Hottest 2017 Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Looking for the hottest 2017 Christmas gift ideas for mom? This year surprise your mom with an awesome present that she will absolutely love and use all year long. Here are five holiday gifts that every woman, especially a mom, will love!

Make up Gift Set for Mom

This year get your mom a cool makeup gift set so that she can try out some of the newest makeup and cosmetic products on the market. Sephora is one of the absolute best places for finding the hottest makeup brands and products online.

Popular Sephora Makeup Gift Sets Include

  • Bare Escentuals Get Started Kit
  • Laura Mercier Beauty in a Box
  • Anastasia kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes
  • Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout
  • Korres Lip Save Roll
  • Sephora Collection Signature Brush Set

Makeup gift sets are a great gift idea because moms love makeup too! The key is the find a makeup kit that your mom will really love and will use all the time. Does your mom have a never ending supply of lip gloss or lipstick? Or does she prefer to glam up her eyes? Most women have one feature that they love to play up so find out what makeup products your mom uses regularly and then invest in a beautiful gift set that she will truly love.

Vintage Jewelry for Mom

Whether it is a set of gold bangle bracelets, an oversized gemstone ring or a pair of simple dangling earrings you can’t go wrong when it comes to jewelry. You don’t have to break the bank buying a beautiful piece of jewelry for your mom at Christmas. Instead shop with care and visit a local antique shop, auction house and second-hand stores for gorgeous and affordable vintage jewelry pieces.

Look for jewelry that is in great condition and check for inscriptions in the jewelry that give you an idea of where it came from or who made it. You will be amazed at the beautiful and affordable pieces of jewelry that you can find at vintage shops.

Coffee or Tea of the Month Club for Mom

Have a look online to check out the latest coffee or tea of the month clubs. If you have never heard of this you will be amazed at how easy this gift idea is and how much your mother will love it.

Popular Coffee and Tea of the Month Clubs Include

  • Club Offers
  • Birds and Beans
  • The Tea Emporium
  • Tea of the Month Club

Sign your mom up for a coffee or tea club of the month membership and every month she will receive a package of premium coffee or tea from around the globe. Every single month she will get to taste test an award winning or top selling brand of coffee or tea. It is a gift that most definitely keeps on giving all year long.

Family Photo Album or Photo Book for Mom

If your mom is sentimental as most moms are she will love a family photo album presented to her at Christmas. The key to this gift is to have the photo album already filled out and completed so that on Christmas day she can open it up and look through it. You can do this by purchasing a photo album and printing out the photos and putting it all together or you can go online and submit all your photos and have a photo book created just for your mom.

This is a really fun gift idea that will really impress your mom and your entire family. In fact, many families make this an annual gift and create a new album every year to document all the wonderful family events from each year.This is also a great gift idea for new parents and grandparents.

Premium Netbook for Mom

This is for moms that simply love technology. If your mom shops online, browses the internet for her favorite recipes or simply loves to stay in touch with friends through email or Facebook then a netbook makes a wonderful Christmas gift.

Let’s face it if there are teens or pre-teens in the house it can be difficult for mom to even get some time on the computer so why not treat her to her very own mini laptop? A netbook is a small laptop that let’s you browse the internet, shop online, go on Facebook and send and receive emails. It makes a great gift for mom and you can even find netbooks in a variety of fun colors and designs.

This year don’t get your mom the same old stuff. Forget slippers and gift certificates instead invest in one of the hottest 2017 Christmas gifts for mom. Makeup gift sets, vintage jewelry, coffee or tea of the month membership, family photo albums and netbooks are some of the best holiday gift ideas that your mom will surely love

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