Fast and Easy Paper Pumpkin Crafts Kids Can Make for Halloween

Pumpkins are the most popular icon of Halloween, and kids will enjoy decorating the classroom or home with easy handmade pumpkin crafts. These quick and easy crafts will be enjoyed by children of many ages.

Construction Paper Pumpkin

Cut about 10 strips of orange construction paper about 1 inch wide. Tape one end of the orange strips to the bottom of an empty toilet paper tube that has been covered in orange paper so that the paper strips extend out from the tube in all directions.

Then tape the other end of the strips into the top of the toilet paper tube, allowing them to form a pumpkin shape. Use green paper to create a stem and leaves for the top. All Kids Network suggests cutting the toilet paper tube in half to make smaller pumpkins.

Jack-O-Lantern Mask

Allow children to paint a paper plate orange and sit until dry. When ready, kids can cut out shapes for eyes, nose and mouth. Attach string to the sides of the plate by punching a hole to tie them on or use a stapler to fasten them on so kids can use the strings to tie the mask on.

Paper Bag Pumpkin

Direct children to crumple up newspaper and place in a paper lunch bag until it is over halfway full. Wrap a green pipe cleaner around the top of the bag to close it, and create some leaves with the excess ends. Twist the top of the bag to look like a stem. Kids can squish the bottom until it looks like a round pumpkin and then paint it orange and give it a face if desired.

Tissue Paper Jack-O-Lantern

Use a piece of paper to create a picture of a pumpkin with eyes, nose, mouth, and stem. Using 1 inch square pieces of tissue paper, twist pieces around a pencil and glue them on the picture, using orange on the pumpkin, black for the eyes, nose and mouth, and green for the stem. According to Apples 4 the Teacher, glue a ribbon on the back to hang the resulting three dimensional jack-o-lantern decoration.

Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Use a roll of toilet paper, and cover with orange crepe paper tucking ends into the top and bottom holes. According to Family Fun, kids can also use a piece of orange fabric, gather it around the toilet tissue and tuck it in the top hole. Allow children to find a stick outdoors and secure it in the top hole with glue to create a stem. Cut out a leaf or two from green felt and glue to the stem.

These easy pumpkin crafts can be made by school age children, and even toddlers and preschoolers can tackle these with a little help from an adult. Use these simple creations to decorate the home or classroom for Halloween.

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