Easy Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

On line gift certificates are a welcome time-saver for harried Christmas shoppers. A few hours spent at a computer can turn up some great ideas for Christmas gifts. Even better, there’s no need to wrap and mail a present these days: one quick email and the gift is there!

1. Online Tickets to a Show or Concert

This is an excellent Christmas gift for those who have left it too late to visit a mall. The key to the success of this one is to buy tickets to a show that is perfect for the recipient – this ensures the ‘wow factor’! (Take into consideration that the person receiving the gift may have to add travel and accommodation costs to be able to see the show. Since it might take a while to save the money for this, a show that’s on several months down the road might be a wise choice.)

Print out the ticket(s) and some information about the show, tuck them into a Christmas card, and it’s all done. (For those who will not be actually meeting with the person receiving the gift, email the ticket confirmation if there is no option to send a Christmas gift voucher.) Time taken: around 15 minutes. Much faster than a trip to the mall!

2. A Gift Voucher from Amazon

Always a welcome gift, because the lucky recipient can choose from a wide range of goodies: books, games, technical gadgets, toys and appliances. Amazon gift cards are available in seasonal designs, and are in two different formats for last-minute gift buyers: print a gift card out at home or send by email. The great thing about Amazon vouchers and gift cards is that they don’t expire. Amazon even helps out in the gift choice: click on ‘gift ideas’ to find categories sorted by price or recipient – including a category for ‘the one who has everything’!

3. On Line Gift Certificates for All Purposes

Some web sites offer a wide variety of on line certicates and vouchers; for example, the GiftVouchers site has a ‘Super Voucher’ to get around the problem of having someone who is always hard to buy for. The recipient can happily browse through what’s on offer from any of the retailers featured on the site: books, jewellery, music, tours, babies and children, beauty products… even corporate gifts! The “Super Voucher” is as good as a shopping centre voucher, but easier, since the recipient can dodge the crowds at post-Christmas sales by shopping online.

4. Holiday Gift Certificate

Established travel centres such as the Flight Centre make it easy to buy a travel gift voucher that can be used for anything from trips to Europe to travel insurance or car hire. If the intended recipient has already planned a trip, then the gift of car hire for a few days to go with it will be a very popular present! Most gift vouchers come with a time limit of 12 months.

5. Experience Gift Vouchers

‘Experience’ gift vouchers cover adrenalin-based experiences such as skydiving, ballooning, diving with sharks and even a lap around a racing track in a V8 with a professional racing car driver. This makes the perfect gift for someone who’s always looking for the next big buzz!

Sites such as FreemanxNow make the choice easy: the buyer can search by both location and the type of adventure, including family-friendly experiences. Instant email vouchers are available from this and many other sites.

An online gift voucher or gift card is an excellent choice for today’s time-pressed gift-buyer. Buying online not only avoids the stress of battling with crowded malls at Christmas, but (thanks to the huge variety of online vouchers available) ensures that the result will be as close as possible to ‘the perfect gift’.

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