Easy Christmas Card Holder

Everyone in the family will want one of these wreaths hanging in their house at Christmas time. No more Christmas cards in a pile lying around. You might even want to through a holiday part and make several at a time.

Kids love decorating and painting these simple wreaths. You can add glitter , bows or other holiday decorations to the clothespin wreathes. Paint them red and white for a festive candy cane look.Give one as a gift to grandma, your child’s teacher or your neighbor.


  • Acrylic craft paint – 1 primary green -1 evergreen
  • Clothes pins (The spring kind)
  • Wooden beads – Red -Green
  • Craft wire
  • Christmas Ribbon (wired Ribbon works best)


1. Paint half of your clothes pins evergreen and half of them primary green. (The number of clothes pins depends on the size of your wreath.)

2. Allow the paint to dry. When these are dry, string a clothes pin onto the wire through the spring in the center of the clothespin. The clamping part of the clothes pin should be toward the outside.

3. Then put on a red or green bead. Continue stringing clothes pins and beads, alternating colors. You’ll want to create the pattern like so:

Evergreen clothespin, red bead, primary green clothespin, green bead, etc.. There will be a bead between each clothespin.

4.When you end up with the size you want, bend the wire into a circle and twist at the top.

5. Attach your Christmas bow at the top and it’s finished! Now you can clip the greeting cards on each of the clothespins! It’s really adorable

shared by Elizabeth Feick

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