Drink Recipes – Cocktails for Christmas

Christmas cocktail recipes need not be complicated. Christmas party hosts can use the drink recipes in this article to provide a range of tasty treats for their guests.

Christmas Cocktail Drink Recipes

Instead of offering traditional “bucks fizz,” hosts should try blending two parts of chilled champagne or sparkling wine with one part of cranberry juice. This drink can be made a little more fancy by adding some crushed cranberries to the glass.

Those wishing to expand on this simple drink can add to this Christmas cocktail by adding a dash of Cointreau and the juice of a lime, turning a simple bucks fizz style beverage into a luxurious variation on a classic Cosmopolitan. Pink champagne can be substituted for extra glamour!

Those preferring to add a spot of sunshine to the Christmas proceedings will find it easy if there happens to be some pineapple juice in the house. Mix it with Malibu liqueur for a simple variation on a Piña Colada, or with coconut vodka to make a cocktail known as the “Coco Puff.” Straws, umbrellas and other accoutrements are strictly optional!

Big Christmas Cocktails

Large pitchers of Christmas cocktails can really get a party started.

Pink, rosé port is now widely available and forms the base of a perfect Christmas pitcher. Mix one part of port with three parts of soda water over a stack of ice, and stir in a mixture of whole and crushed raspberries.

Pimm’s, the classic English cocktail, is a traditional beverage for summer, but party hosts should be on the lookout for Winter Pimm’s, which is perfect for the festive season.

Mix one part of Winter Pimm’s with three parts of ginger ale in an ice-filled jug, stirring in apple slices and cherries. A dash of brandy can be added on cold winter nights to add an extra warming (and more intoxicating) quality!

Drink Recipes for Warm Christmas Cocktails

Cold Christmas evenings can make guests crave full flavoured, warming drinks. Winter Pimm’s also makes a great warm Christmas cocktail.

To make a warm winter Pimm’s cocktail, warm 500ml of apple juice in a pan along with a couple of cloves and a cinnamon stick. Stir in 100ml of winter Pimm’s and serve in glasses, topped with a slice of apple.

Traditional mulled wine is simple to make. All that is required is to heat a bottle of fruity red wine in a pan, adding a couple of cinnamon sticks, a few cloves and a generous spoonful of honey. It is always best to taste the drink as it warms to correct the flavouring. A number of shops also sell spices for mulled wine which can be immersed in the wine during warming.

Warm or cold, large or small, it is simple for hosts to provide a range of interesting, warming or refreshing Christmas cocktails at their seasonal gatherings, by following these simple drink recipes.

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