Decorating a Halloween Pumpkin For Less

Possible Decorating Supplies for the Pumpkin

There is more than one way to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween. Families can choose to carve the pumpkin while using a pattern, paint the pumpkin, or paint the pumpkin will adding accessories (i.e. a witches hat, fabric or paper ears for the pumpkin’s “face,” etc.). Listed below are some supplies that a family may need to decorate the pumpkin:

  • newspaper
  • pumpkin carving pattern
  • permanent marker
  • knife
  • bowl (if carving a pumpkin this a good thing to have to put the seeds into)
  • spoon
  • paint
  • glue
  • toothpicks
  • fabric
  • construction paper
  • masking tape
  • candle (to light the inside of a carved pumpkin)

It is important to note that it would be a good idea to see which items the family already has: this can help determine the type of pumpkin to create (i.e. carve it, paint it, paint and accessorize). The more items a family has, the less the family will have to spend.

Tips on Decorating a Pumpkin for Less

In addition to using materials that a family already has at home, there are other ways to save money to decorate a pumpkin for less as listed below:

  • Print a pumpkin carving pattern for free from the Internet.
  • Visit a library to find a book on different ways to decorate a pumpkin.
  • If the family can not find a design, draw it on a piece of scratch paper to determine what the pumpkin will look like, exactly what will be needed, etc.
  • Purchase needed arts and craft supplies and/or pumpkin carving pattern at a dollar or discount store.
  • Purchase needed items from an arts and crafts store when the items go on sale (and when possible, use a coupon).
  • Contact arts and crafts stores to find out if a class will be provided regarding an opportunity to decorate the family pumpkin for free or little cost.
  • Ask neighbors and friends whether or not materials can be shared (i.e. paint, construction paper, glue, etc.)

Decorating the family Halloween pumpkin should not mean spending a lot of money. When a family decides which materials are already at the house, and where to find items for free (i.e. Internet, neighbors and friends, etc.) or for little cost, the pumpkin can be decorated without breaking the family’s budget.

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