Crafts for Kids as Halloween Gifts: Halloween Crafts Make the Perfect Addition to any Holiday Gathering

In addition to hosting the perfect Halloween party, consider adding in the perfect spooky Halloween crafts. During the holiday seasons, crafts and kids are a wonderful combination. Many kids’ projects are created using materials found in the home. Halloween for kids can be a special time of year with great fun ideas. These crafts for kids are sure to delight young and old alike. These kids’ holiday crafts can be used in the classroom, at a children’s party, or just saved for a cool day in October.

Halloween Bat Decoration

This fun and easy craft serves as a fun activity as well as a Halloween decoration.


  • Wooden clothespins
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Black Paint
  • Rhinestones or Wiggly Eyes
  • Glue
  • String


Begin by painting the wooden clothespin black. It is important to use a wooden pin so that the paint will stick and hold. Plastic clothespins do not work well for this activity. Use the black construction paper to draw and cut out a bat head, body, and wings. The bat maybe constructed all in one piece or in separate pieces and then glued together to form the bat.

Glue the bat in the center of the dried clothespin. The clothespin should not be visible when looking at the bat from the front. Use wiggly eyes or rhinestones to create the bat’s eyes. Brightly colored rhinestones often create a nice bat. Use the clothespin to clip the bat around the home or hang the bat clothespin up by string. This serves a wonderful Halloween craft for young children.

Cute Pumpkin Sock

These simple Halloween pumpkin crafts are great for decorating through the Thanksgiving holiday season.


  • Orange Knit Socks (Yellow will work but orange make the best pumpkin)
  • Wide Green Ribbon
  • Poly Foam Stuffing
  • Black Permanent Marker or Black Felt


Use the poly foam stuffing to stuff the sock. Push the stuffing to the end of the sock to create a nice plump ball. This will be the pumpkin. Leave enough room at the top of the sock for the stem. Use the green ribbon to tie around the top of the sock to create a stem and leaves. It may work best to tie off the sock with a rubber band first than tie the ribbon around the band.

If desired, cut or twirl the ends of the ribbon to resemble pumpkin leaves and vines. Use the black felt to glue on a face for a jack-o-lantern or draw one using the black marker. If a regular pumpkin is preferred, use the marker to create lines on the pumpkin to look like bumps and ripples. Use different size socks to create pumpkin families. Use these pumpkins to decorate the home. These cute pumpkins also make great Halloween gifts.

Celebrate Halloween this season with a duo of crafts and kids. There is nothing that creates the spirit of holiday happiness like sharing it with a young child.

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