Clifford the Big Red Dog Cliffords Big Halloween: Scholastic Video for Preschoolers About Fun Fall Kids Activities

The Scholastic DVD Clifford the Big Red Dog: Clifford’s Big Halloween will please fans of Norman Bridwell’s Clifford books and parents seeking family-friendly Halloween videos for preschoolers. Through watching episodes of the popular PBS Kids Clifford television series, young children will find out about fun Halloween activities and fun fall kids activities, as well as learning life lessons about bravery, responsibility, and perseverance.

Clifford Halloween Episode Boo

The Season 1 Clifford Halloween episode Boo explores what it means to be brave. The people of Birdwell Island are preparing for Halloween by dressing in costumes and watching a scary movie projected on a big, white sheet outside. Jetta and her dog Mac both claim that nothing ever scares them and, in fact, act bored by Halloween. When their big red friend gets accidentally covered by the projection screen sheet and wanders around scaring islanders who think he is the Ghost Dog of Birdwell Island, however, Jetta and Mac find that even brave people are scared of some things.

Watching this episode, preschoolers will become acquainted with Halloween customs like dressing up in funny or scary costumes and enjoying being spooked by viewing frightening movies. Young kids who worry that they should feel brave about everything will also be glad to see that it is okay to be scared and that everyone is afraid of things some time.

Clifford the Big Red Dog DVD About Fall

Two other episodes on this Clifford the Big Red Dog DVD about fall address autumn themes and introduce children to fun fall kids activities. In Leaf of Absence, Clifford learns a lesson about the importance of keeping a promise when he can’t resist the urge to jump into the pile of leaves that he promised to guard for his friend T-Bone. In Clifford’s Carnival, it is Jetta’s turn to learn a lesson about the importance of responsibility and doing good work as a team player when her lack of focus on her duties almost ruins the fall carnival hayride when she goes to ride to Ferris wheel instead of meeting the hayride tractor. From watching these two Clifford episodes, children will learn life lessons and see how fun it is to rake and jump into leaf piles and go to fall carnivals during autumn.

The rest of the Clifford episodes collected on this preschool Halloween video are Come Back, Mac (in which Mac learns not to run away from problems and that there is nothing he could do that would make Jetta stop loving him), New Dog in Town (in which T-Bone’s memories of when Clifford first came to Birdwell Island teach the lesson that people and dogs should take the time to get to know newcomers instead of reacting to them based on first impressions), Dino Clifford (which teaches a lesson about the value of sticking with a task even if a person does not seem to be very good at it), Not Now, I’m Busy (in which Clifford and his dog friends are inspired to help others after learning about their friend K.C. the assistance dog’s job), and The Trouble with Kittens (in which Mr. Bleakman learns a lesson about not jumping to conclusions without knowing all the facts after Clifford goes to great lengths to keep two kittens from bothering Mr. Bleakman).

The extras on this Clifford the Big Red Dog video are some Speckle stories and a fun Carve Your Own Pumpkin feature.

Clifford The Big Red Dog Clifford’s Big Halloween Review

Because so few of the eight episodes on this cute Clifford the Dog preschool video deal with Halloween or fall themes, only families that enjoy watching the PBS Kids Clifford television series may want to invest in the purchase of a copy. The Halloween and fall episodes themselves are fun and family-friendly entertainment, however, so this Clifford video is certainly worth renting as a children’s Halloween video.

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