Christmas Writing Prompts: Get Homeschoolers Excited about the Holidays

Here is a list of Christmas writing prompts for children in all groups. Use these ideas to inspire children, to spark their curiosity, and to get them thinking seriously about the upcoming holiday.

Grades K-2

Children in this age group are not yet able to handle too detailed of an assignment. Stick with simple ideas that require no more than a few sentences to be written out. Use writing prompts to reinforce current lessons such as writing complete sentences, or learning the parts of speech. Some ideas for writing prompts for children of this age group are:

On Their Own:

Ask children to write three or four sentences about one of the following topics:

  • What I Like the Most About Christmas
  • My Best Christmas Memory
  • The Best Christmas I Could Ever Imagine

As a Group:

  • Write a Christmas poem together. The parent or teacher should print the first line on large easel paper. Ask the children for ideas about what should come next.
  • Write a Christmas story together. Start the story with “Once upon a time, on Christmas…” Let each child add a sentence to the story.
  • Write a Christmas play together. Discuss characters, costumes, setting etc.

Grades 3-6

Encourage children to write a fictional story using one of the following titles:

  • The Boy Who Didn’t Know Christmas
  • The Christmas Present that Changed the World
  • The Best Christmas Ever

If you prefer give children writing prompts that encourage them to think about the meaning of Christmas.

  • What Christmas Means to Me
  • Why It’s Important to Celebrate Christmas
  • How I Can Help Others This Christmas

Third through sixth graders should also be able to write short poems. Let them write a poem based on one of the following titles:

  • Christmas Traditions
  • Snowflakes
  • A Christmas Wish

Grades 7-12

Opinion Pieces are appealing to teens in this age group. These kinds of assignments also encourage teens to think about ideas, and come to their own conclusions.

  • Why We Should/Should Not Do Away With Santa Claus?
  • Is Christmas too commercialized?
  • What Is the Christmas Spirit?
  • Should schools allow students to have “Christmas Parties?”

Factual reports encourage teens to do research, and expand their current level of knowledge. Encourage 7th to 12th graders to complete a research paper on one of these topics:

  • The History of Christmas Traditions in America
  • Christmas in… (choose a country)
  • How Santa Claus Got His Start
  • Christmas in the 18th Century

Creative writing for 7th to 12th graders can consist of poems, short stories, plays and even biographical sketches. Giving teens the option of writing one of these types of literary works can help to inspire their creative genius.

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