Christmas Shop in September

Shoppers can avoid both the crowds and high costs of holiday shopping by foregoing a trip to the mall in early winter in favor of a September shopping spree. Retailers are anxious to get rid of stock in favor of more expensive “gift” items they start to stock up on in early October for the holiday season. September can be a shopper’s paradise of bargains as a result. Take advantage of these deep discounts to complete your gift list, saving yourself a lot of money and a lot of stress.

Save with Discounts on Barbecue Grills

Often it’s seasonal merchandise that has the biggest discounts. If you look past the fact that giving a barbecue grill in December is off-season, you can instead focus on how it makes a great gift for the barbecue connoisseur. You can save as much as $150 on a grill this time of year. What’s more, barbecue accessories are also deeply discounted.

Save Money on Outdoor Living

Other seasonal merchandise that’s actually useful year-round but is now more than half off: patio furniture. For example, one home improvement retailer was offering $110 cast-iron benches for $20. It’s the perfect gift for someone who has redone their patio. Gazebos, canopies, wicker and teak all look good off-season and indulge people’s taste for outdoor living. Consider these items as gifts, and you’ll scoop up some great deals this time of year.

Cash in on Gardening Deals

Using this strategy for seasonal merchandise, you can also put together some theme gifts or gift baskets at some very low prices. Particularly if you have a gardener on your list, a lot of deals await. For example, look for the garden clearance at Target and you can find such things as a hickory-handled, cast-iron bow rake on clearance at Target for 98 cents, that started out $12. If you pair this with a $3 “Bargain Book” on gardening from Barnes & Noble, and an assortment of 10 cent seed packets, you have a perfect gift.

Deep Discounts on Candles and Beauty

Consider things like cosmetics, candles and other fragranced items. Scents we associate with summer and spring can be found drastically reduced. Who can ever have enough candles? You can pick up extra to use as generic gifts for those unexpected gift opportunities.

Give Summer Toys and Save

As far as toys are concerned, that dump truck made for making sand castles is just as useful for indoor child’s play. Outdoor equipment, such as camping gear and trampolines, will all be deeply discounted, much to your child’s and wallet’s delight. Many pool or swimming accessories are appropriate bath toys. Look for discounts on kites, bubble makers, hula hoops and toy barbecue sets or toy lawn mowers.

Great Deals on Small Appliances

Don’t forget small appliances. Those ice-cream makers are now off-season, and — along with smoothie blenders, iced-tea brewers, cotton-candy makers, and snow-cone machines—are all on sale. These all make great gifts for food aficionados and those who like to have fun in the kitchen.

Big Bargains on Last Year’s Holiday Stock

Besides these things, consider that at this time of year, stores are bringing out the holiday merchandise leftover from last year. Year-old styles might not be great for clothing, but it works fine on packs of Christmas cards or wrapping paper. Normally $20, they may be yours for a dollar. Merchandisers put these out as a last attempt to get rid of overstock before the abundance of this year’s stock comes in. Take advantage of such deals.

Save in September

Keep in mind that shopping now for the holidays will not only save you money, but lots of time and stress. There are many other advantages, too. Recipients who like to snoop around for gifts will never suspect you’re already done with your shopping. By taking care of your gift list – and staying under budget – you can spend time looking for deals on things you can’t necessarily buy a head of time, such as perishables. This practice also allows for a more organized Christmas, and eliminates the expenses associated with last-minute shopping.

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