Christmas Presents for Writers

There are two things that will always remain true about writers. They love to read and they love to write (even on those days when there is no time to do either). In this simple truth is the source of a wealth gift ideas.

Gifts For Writing

For autobiography, memoir and biography writers there are many writing based gifts specific to their trade which will inspire them;

  • A diary or journal is a perfect gift for a memoir writer
  • A beautiful box containing a scrap book, a selection of coloured pens and a glue stick will help them to catalogue cuttings
  • A fountain pen. Although most writers use computers all writer appreciate the beauty of the written word and an instrument of beauty with which to write
  • A computer keyboard cleaning kit for the less traditional writing instrument
  • A beautiful notebook
  • A leather bound notebook personalised with the receiver’s initials or name

Gifts For Reading

When not scribbling away or tapping at keys most writers like to relax with a book. Here are some ideas for books to buy as gifts;

  • Biographies or autobiographies (of course)
  • Books about research or writing skills
  • A “Writers and Artists Yearbook” a book containing a small selection of interviews with industry professionals and an essential list of all of the contact details for literary agents, publishers and periodicals
  • The journal of the person they are writing about. This will only be possible in a very few cases and will be potentially both difficult to find and expensive to buy but it would be the ultimate gift for a biography writer

Other Gifts for Biography and Memoir Writers

There are also non writing/ reading related gifts which would be perfect for a biography or memoir writer. Some possible gifts are;

  • A subscription to a genealogy or journaling website
  • Writing software
  • Family history software
  • A coffee cup for those midnight writing sessions
  • A chair massager for long writing sessions
  • A time capsule kit. Biography and autobiography writers will appreciate the sentiment behind saving parts of our lives for future generations to see
  • A newspaper from the date that they or their biography subject was born
  • For military historians a world map from the time they specialise in
  • If they have kids then offer to babysit for a full day to give them guilt free writing time
  • If living in the same house as the writer then set up a writing space for them In the garage, the bedroom, a corner of the room or even take a tip from Stephen King at the start of his career and use a cupboard. As long as it has a nicely set out desk, a power supply and a light it will be perfect. Add in any personal extras such as a book shelf, tissues, a bin, a radio or a TV.

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