Christmas Newsletter

This newsletter consists of four pages but you can do 2 or 6 instead. Just remember to have an even number of pages.

The word count for each story is written on the first line of each story.

To change the text items in this newsletter, select the text by clicking on the left side of the text, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to the other side, or the end of the text, then let go of the button. (The selected text should be white with a black background.) Now hit the Delete key.

Open Publisher, click on Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Publisher, click on Publications for Print, double click on Newsletters, scroll down and click on “Fading Frame Newsletter.” When the Personal Information page comes up, click on Cancel.

When the newsletter opens you may want to change the zoom to 75 or 100%. Close the dialog box on the left by clicking on the “X.”

You will notice there are boxes of dots. These are the outlines of the text boxes and clipart. These are the holders for your articles and photos.

Start by changing the newsletter title. Select the title and delete it, then type in your new heading. Click on the Business name, delete it and type the first names of each family member, or just delete it altogether. Change the date on the left side to December. Delete Volume 1, Issue 1, or type a short greeting, for example, “Happy Holidays.”

For headings, just type your new information. For articles, click on INSERT, File, then scroll to the file and click on it, then click on Insert. Go to the first story and change the heading and the story. Continue changing each story one at a time.

For each picture or clipart, type a short caption in the box below it.

In the bullets on the right side of page 1 under: “Special…..”, type some Christmas quotes. Under “Inside….” type your story headings and page numbers.

You can also add poems, recipes or Christmas crafts instead of family stories.

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