Christmas, Money, Gifts and Greed and How You Can Change This

As we all can agree Christmas is and will always be about money. But does that make an enjoyable Christmas?

Spending hundreds of dollars on your children is a fleeting satisfaction felt by both parents and children. When you do this, ask yourself what are you really teaching your kids? Christmas is not about one morning, when wrapping paper is torn and knowing looks are passed from one another because the requested gifts were granted.

Christmas is an opportunity to share an experience with friends, family and community. If we could turn away from our greedy aspirations and focus on the bigger picture we would get more out of the whole holiday season.

Christmas should be about giving.

So ask yourself and your family how you can give whether it’s your time, your money or your heart? There are so many in need of love, kindness and simple things we take for granted.

What can I do?

Many of our senior citizens sit alone in there homes for Christmas. Reach out to them and include them in your celebrations. Take your friends to a home for the elderly and sing them Christmas songs, read them stories, share some baked treats. Have children performing a short skit or give home made Christmas cards. The sparkle and tears in their eyes is all the reward anyone needs.

There are many homeless people all year round but at this time of the year, their needs escalate. The sub zero degrees outside pose a serious danger to their health. It should be only human nature to want to help contribute in some way to make this time of the year special. Sharing a meal, some of your baked goods, something warm to drink, and clothes and bedding is always welcomed. A simple act can make one day of this season stand out. Soup kitchens always need volunteers, why not your family? This is a gift that keeps on giving. Your family will appreciate what they have as their eyes are opened to those less fortunate, and maybe they will be humbled enough that their Christmas request will be simpler, less greedy.

The world has become inundated with single parent families. The high cost of living, low wages and lack of jobs in today’s economy has never been higher. So many families face a dismal Christmas. This needs to be addressed by everyone. You and your family can make a difference and be an example for your community. Set up a toy drive, I’m pretty sure that there are gently used toys, books, clothing and electronics that everyone can part with. Instead of a cookie exchange party for each other, have the cookies donated to the food bank. When you buy a Christmas tree, buy another one and leave it on a doorstep, or tell the person selling the trees to give to a deserving family. He will know who to choose.

When we give at Christmas we make the world a better place.

We teach our children and our community about self sacrifice, generosity and kindness. Christmas doesn’t have to be about money, we just need to remember that and make a difference!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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