Christmas Gifts for Writers

Looking for the perfect gift for a professional writer or an aspiring author? Writers can be difficult to shop for, but these ideas make great birthday presents, Christmas presents, or gifts for any other special occasion.

High Quality Writing Supplies

Writing is simply more fun with nice supplies, and people who write often will use these writing gifts all the time. Look for lined notebooks, lined journals and nice pens. Travel-sized writing supplies, like pocket-sized journals, can also be useful for people who are often on the go.

External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive

Writers don’t always remember to back up their work, and it can be devastating to lose all of the stories on your computer. Make backing up files easier by giving a writer an external hard drive or USB flash drive. Many external hard drives back up documents automatically.

Gift Certificates to Bookstores

Writers are readers, too. However, buying a specific book for someone who reads a lot can be difficult, since you might not know what they’ve already read.

Allow your recipient to choose a book or two by buying them a gift certificate to their local bookstore or an online bookstore like Amazon.

Reading Lights and Accessories

Reading lights can create a better environment for reading or writing. Since proper lighting can reduce eye strain, investing in a good reading light makes sense for any writer. Small portable book lights can also make a fun gift.

There are several other fun reading accessories that are perfect for any reader or writer. Look for bookmarks, bookplates, book weights and decorative book ends.

Subscription to a Literary Magazine

Literary magazines and journals are useful to writers for many reasons. Writers often enjoy reading published literature, and reading literary journals helps teach aspiring authors what types of submissions get published. In addition, reading literary journals can help encourage writers to submit to that journal. Finally, giving a subscription helps support writing.

There are hundreds of literary journals. The Paris Review, The Kenyon Review and The Iowa Review are just a few.

Subscription to a Writing Magazine

There are also several writing magazines and journals that focus on writing contests, submission deadlines, writer conferences and other options. Writing magazine subscriptions make a great gift for a serious writer who is considering publishing his work.

Poets and Writers and Writer’s Digest represent two popular writing magazines.

More Gift Ideas for Writers

There are several more gifts writers will enjoy. For example, a writer who often works in coffee shops would appreciate a gift card to that coffee shop. Young writers may find fun grammar books, like Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style, interesting and useful. Wrap special gifts in custom wrapping paper printed with the recipient’s favorite quotes.

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