Christmas Gifts for Small Business Owners: Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

People who are looking for Christmas gifts for small business owners have an advantage over people looking for gifts for people who are tough to shop for. Many small business owners start a business because they are passionate about what they do, so anything that is related to building that business is a great gift idea.

Ideas for Home Office Gifts

While picking out a major item like a new desk or an office chair for a small business owner might not be a good idea because he or she may have completely different taste, there are many items someone can shop for that will make any small business owner happy. A quick visit to the office to casually check for brand names or styles is all that the gift giver needs to be sure that those office supplies are a perfect fit.

Gifts that small business owners can use include:

  • Paper and ink for printers.
  • Top quality pens for their personal use or a case of personalized pens to give to customers to promote their business.
  • Netbooks or laptops so they can get work done on the go.
  • Monogrammed supplies, such as staplers, letter openers, etc.
  • Nice calculator.

Christmas Gifts to Help Small Business Owners Improve Their Skills

A new business owner has a lot to learn. He or she needs to find out about marketing, taxes, managing employees and turning a profit. Unfortunately, most small business owners simply don’t have enough time or money to take semester-long classes to get up to speed. Gifts that can help a new entrepreneur improve his or her business while on the go include an e-book reader like Amazon’s Kindle and a gift card so the Kindle can be loaded with business related books, an mp-3 player with books on tape loaded onto it or a book with a CD that contains handy forms on it.

Memberships Make Great Christmas Gifts for Small Business Owners

With all the other expenses he or she is struggling to cover, many small business owners mistakenly put marketing opportunities like chamber of commerce memberships on the back burner. Giving an organization membership as a gift can be a great choice. Fees for a yearly membership to town, county and/or state chambers of commerce, a membership to organizations related to the small business owner’s field of expertise, or a small business organization membership range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Since some organizations have many members, local meet and greet events and even health insurance options and other organizations seem to do very little, it is a good idea to do some research before deciding which membership to give to that busy entrepreneur.

Once people looking for Christmas gifts for small business owners start to think about their business needs, finding ideas for the perfect present will be a breeze.

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