Christmas Gift Ideas – Presents for the Whole Family

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be a stressful part of the holiday season, but it doesn’t have to be; coming up with great Christmas present ideas is simple. There are a number of ways to find the perfect Christmas gift for parents, friends and kids, and getting a good Christmas present is a sure way to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Christmas gift ideas are easy to come up with.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

Finding the perfect Christmas present for a friend is easy. Some simple ideas include getting a friend tickets to a show or concert she wants to see, planning a spa day together or getting him a bottle of his favorite wine. For friends who are out of state, plan a fun edible Christmas gift.

Mix a batch of muffin mix at home and put it into a festive jar, along with instructions on how to bake the muffins. Wrap the jar with a brand new muffin pan and send it to her in the mail; she’ll be able to make Christmas muffins and have a new muffin pan to use in the future.

Put together an indoor picnic for friends who have just gotten married. Fill the basket with a bottle of wine, two stemware glasses, gingerbread cookie mix and a warm checkered blanket for them to sit on. Preparing a ready-made date is a great Christmas present idea for friends.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Fathers can be difficult to shop for around Christmastime. Fortunately, finding the perfect Christmas present for a dad can be as simple as updating his wardrobe. Get him a few new work shirts and shirts for relaxing on the weekend to keep him looking sharp. Plan a day for dads so they can spend time with the family; for example, schedule a day for a cookout in the spring to give him something to look forward to.

Christmas presents for dads who like sports are also easy to find. Get him a new set of golf clubs or other sports equipment to keep his game up to date. Schedule him a tee time on the first open day at his favorite golf course and wrap the tee time up with his new clubs.

Buy him a set of books by his favorite author, or download them onto his e-book reader for him. Books are a great Christmas gift for parents and grandparents alike.

Christmas Present Ideas for Mom

Shopping for moms can be tricky. There are a few sure-fire gifts that any mom is sure to love, however, and some Christmas presents that are perfect for a mom-to-be or a new mother. A bottle of her favorite perfume is a great gift for any mother, and there are a number of equally good presents.

Schedule her a day at a spa where she will get a massage, a manicure and pedicure, and a haircut. A day of special treatment at a spa is the perfect Christmas treat for any mom, wife or girlfriend who has spent the holiday season shopping, decorating and organizing Christmas get-togethers with friends and family.

Put together a gardening kit for moms with a green thumb. Include several packets of seeds so she can grow more of her favorite plants, new gardening gloves and a set of small shovels and trowels. A practical Christmas gift will put a smile on her face each time she uses it.

New moms are easy to shop for as well. A great Christmas present for new mothers is to put together a “mommy care package.” Fill a basket with teas, baby books, heating pad for her back and some soothing CDs. Make a few frozen homemade meals for her to keep in the freezer for those days when she is too busy to cook.

Christmas Present Idea for Students

One of the best Christmas gift ideas for college students is a college care package stocked with three things most college students love: cash, cookies and coffee. Add this care package to the other gifts for a college student, or have it mailed to her when she heads back to school to put a smile on her face.

Finding the perfect Christmas present for family members and friends takes a little creativity, but anyone can come up with great gifts for their loved ones. Planning the perfect holiday celebration, Christmas decorations and great Christmas presents is a snap with a few simple tips.

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