Christmas Gift Ideas For The Motorcyclist

We all have someone on our Christmas gift list who is difficult to buy for. But if there’s a motorcyclist on your list this holiday season they should be among the easiest to please. From motorcycle accessories, apparel, high tech gadgets, stocking stuffers and gifts that won’t fit under the tree we’ve peeked into Santa’s workshop to scout the top motorcycle related gifts.

Christmas Gifts For Under The Tree

This first section of Christmas gift suggestions for motorcyclists will all fit under the tree. Prices range from several hundred dollars to under $50. There’s sure to be something in this list for every biker and every budget.

Heated Gear

Cold is an enemy to bikers. When the temperatures get lower than the speed limit cold combined with wind chill can not only make it uncomfortable but dangerous to ride as hands get numb and reaction times get slower. Heated apparel can counteract the effects of the cold and lengthen your biker’s riding season.

Both Gerbing and TourMaster make full lines of electrically heated gear including gloves, vests, jacket liners and pant liners. These electric accessories are powered by a wiring harness that can easily be connected directly to the motorcycle’s battery. Other manufacturers make battery powered apparel including socks.

Motorcycle Covers

If the motorcyclist on your Christmas gift list has to store his/her bike for the winter, or if they use it as their primary transportation and ride even if the weather is threatening rain, then a motorcycle cover will make a great gift. Most covers made specifically for motorcycles are manufactured from porous material which will allow moisture to escape, rather than trapping it as a standard tarp or old sheet will. Dowco, Nelson Rigg, and Covermax are a few of the major manufacturers of motorcycle covers.

If your biker doesn’t have a garage you can go one better than a simple cover with a Cycle Shell Motorcycle Garage. The Cycle Shell is like a pup tent for motorcycles that will keep the elements off the bike and also features a locking mechanism for added security.

Motorcycle GPS

Half the fun of motorcycling is discovering new destinations or new ways to get to favorite places. But there are times when a biker needs to know where they’re going, where they’ve been, or where they are. It’s tough to read a map at 60 mph with two hands on the handlebars. That’s where a motorcycle GPS can come in handy.

There are two major manufacturers of motorcycle specific GPS units, Garmin and TomTom. Both make units built especially for use on a motorcycle with features like large buttons that can easily be manipulated while wearing gloves, large screen displays, heavy duty casing to protect against vibration and Bluetooth so your rider can hear the turn-by-turn directions inside the helmet if they have a Bluetooth receiver.

Bluetooth Intercom

Riding a motorcycle is a solitary pursuit. Even when riding with a group communication is limited to hand signals. Or at least it used to be. With the advent of Bluetooth technology bikers can now be connected even when exploring distant lonely roads. Cardo, Chatterbox, Sena and Interphone all make Bluetooth intercoms systems that easily attach to most motorcycle helmets. All of the units enable communication with at least one other unit, and some allow multiple user connectivity. They also will pair with a cell phone, Bluetooth enabled GPS system and have an input for MP3 players.

Helmet Camera

If your motorcyclist is into photography or video then a helmet mounted video camera is something they’ll enjoy. The camera allows motorcyclists to document their rides and share them with family, friends or the entire world via the Internet. Some of the principal helmet camera makers are Drift Innovation, Contour and GoPro.

Mini-Air Compressor

Proper tire inflation is critical to safe motorcycling. Motorcycle owner’s manuals will tell you to check the tire pressure with the tires cold. But if you have to ride to the gas station to use their air compressor how do you know if your tires are at the proper pressure? A mini-air compressor can solve that problem. Simply plug the compressor into a standard outlet, hook it up to the bike tire valve and turn it on. They have built in gauges so your biker can monitor the pressure. Many models weigh less than a couple of pounds and are available at auto parts stores and other department stores.

Motorcycle Seat Pads

If the motorcyclist on your Christmas gift list spends more than 30 minutes at a time on his/her bike chances are they’ve experienced some soreness where they come into contact with the motorcycle, the seat. Stock motorcycle seats are notoriously uncomfortable on long rides. A seat pad for their ride may be the best gift your motorcyclist has ever received. Seat pads come in a wide variety of materials, from those wood beads like New York City cab drivers seem to favor, to gel and even inflatable air cushions.

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

This next section of Christmas gift ideas will all fit neatly inside your motorcyclist’s Christmas stocking. Nothing in this section should bust any gift-giver’s budget but will still put a smile on your biker’s face on Christmas morning.

Digital Tire Gauge

Reading those old-fashioned tire pressure gauges can be a challenge; the numbers are small and can be hard to see. Your biker would appreciate an easier way to make sure his/her tires are properly inflated before each ride. Enter the digital tire pressure gauge. These little tools have a numeric readout that’s easy to see and eliminates guesswork. Roadgear even makes one that talks.

Cramp Buster

If your biker’s motorcycle isn’t equipped with cruise control then a Cramp Buster will help reduce wrist fatigue that comes from applying constant pressure on the throttle. The Cramp Buster slips over the throttle and allows your rider to maintain pressure with the palm of the hand instead of having to grip it, allowing him/her to relax those wrist and forearm muscles. It might be the best $11 present they’ll ever receive.

McCuff Gas Fill Device

Those new fangled gas station fuel nozzles can make gassing up the bike a nightmare, they just don’t fit. McCuff makes a little collar that acts as a funnel to keep your biker from spilling gasoline all over the motorcycle and ground. It inserts into the bike’s gas tank and then the fuel nozzle goes into the McCuff, allowing your motorcyclist to get a full tank without spillage.

Gremlin Bells

Called either Gremlin or Guardian Bells, these little silver bells are adorned with a variety of images like wolves, angels, skeletons and more. Legend has it that these bells will protect your motorcyclist and keep the gremlins away from their motorcycle.

Christmas Gifts For Use Off The Bike

Not even the most dedicated motorcycle enthusiast can stay on his/her ride 24/7. This section of gifts is perfect for those times your biker can’t be on the bike but wants to be.


Whatever type of riding your motorcyclist prefers there’s a book or two out there that’s right up his/her alley, even if they’re not big readers. If your biker is a tinkerer look for a book on repair, maintenance or restoration. Is your motorcyclist loyal to a specific brand of bike? Then a book on the history of that manufacturer may be the thing. There are books on famous bikers, biker gangs, racing, long distance and around the world motorcycle travel and books on how to be a better rider.

Magazine Subscription

Just like books, magazines cater to specific types of riders. There are magazines targeted at cruiser, sportbike and off-road riders. Some zero in on certain brands of bikes and others are very general in their scope. Any would make a nice gift that comes to your biker’s mailbox every month to remind them of how much you care.


For those rainy afternoons or long snowy winter weekends when your biker can’t ride there’s nothing like a good biker movie or instructional DVD. You can opt for a classic like Easy Rider or something more contemporary like the latest season of Sons of Anarachy.

Video Games

Does the biker on your Christmas gift list have a video game console? Then there’s a motorcycle video game for them. No, it’s not the same as actually riding, but a video game does provide a little more interaction than reading a book or watching a movie. Just be sure that you get a game that’s compatible with your motorcyclist’s game system.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Idea For Your Motorcyclist

This may be a once-in-a-lifetime suggestion, but no list of Christmas gift ideas is complete without the extravagant.

A New Ride

This gift suggestion won’t fit under the tree, or within everyone’s budget. But if you have the financial wherewithal then a new or new to him/her used bike can make for a Christmas that they’ll never forget. You’ll want to do a little sleuthing to find out what type of bike your motorcyclist is lusting for; you don’t want to come home with a crotch rocket if your biker is more of the cruiser rider type.

No matter your budget or the type of rider the motorcyclist on your Christmas gift list is, you’re sure to find something here to make this a memorable Christmas. But the best gift of all may be your offer to go for a ride with your biker.

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