Christmas Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Chances are, your newly married friends already received plenty of home items, kitchenware, and dishes for their wedding. Unless you know exactly what they need for their home, home items may not be the best Christmas gift for newlyweds. Here are some alternative Christmas present ideas for a newly married couple:

Christmas Gifts for Couples – The Gift of Time Together

  • Theater or Movie Tickets – Many couples will appreciate tickets to the latest Broadway musical, community theatre production, or simply (if you’re on a budget) gift certificates to the local movie theater. This Christmas gift encourages newlyweds to spend time together, something they will definitely do in order to take advantage of the free event you’ve given them. General gift certificates will allow the greatest flexibility with time.
  • Online Movie Subscription – How about a Netflix gift subscription for a year? At only $8.99 a month, this gift of unlimited movies is a surprisingly affordable holiday gift. Netflix gift subscriptions are available for 1 month to a year.
  • Couples Massage – A gift certificate to a local spa will pamper both him and her, allow bonding time together, and a wonderful relaxing afternoon that your favorite couple might never do on their own.
  • Restaurant Gift Certificates – At websites such as, you can get great deals on restaurant gift certificates redeemable at participating restaurants throughout the US. Offering newlywed couples a dinner out is something they will appreciate far after the holidays.
  • Lessons or Events – Buy your favorite newlywed couple yoga lessons, cooking classes, or other lessons that they can do together. If they enjoy adventure, consider giving them a kayaking or rock climbing lesson to help them break out of their routine.

Personalized Gifts for Newlyweds

  • Monogrammed Linens – No, we’re not talking about fancy white tablecloths here, but monogrammed his and her towels, bathrobes, or slippers are thoughtful Christmas presents that newlywed couples will enjoy using again and again.
  • Photo Albums and Frames – Almost every newlywed couple has boxes of pictures waiting to be organized into an album. For Christmas, give your friends a personalized photo album with their names on it, and they will remember you every time they look at their photos.
  • Christmas Ornaments and Decorations – A Christmas or holiday ornament can be made more special if you make it yourself, or personalize it by having your friends’ names engraved on it.
  • His and Her T-shirts – Kitschy, but fun. Print his picture on her T-shirt and her picture on his T-shirt, and give it to your newly married friends with a card daring them to wear the T-shirts together.

No-Fail Christmas Gifts for Newly Married Couples

There are a few great back-ups that anyone, not just couples, will love:

  • Board Games – He’s not allowed to spend 10 hours a day playing video games anymore, so why not give your favorite newlyweds a game they can play together with their friends? Some popular games for adults include: Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Taboo, Cranium, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and more.
  • Memberships and Subscriptions – A membership to the local gym, or possibly gift memberships to Costco or AAA are practical gifts that will continue helping a new couple for months to come. Subscriptions to their favorite magazines are always great gifts.

You may also be interested in Budget Christmas Gifts for Cooks, if your favorite couple enjoys cooking together.

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