Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

What does your husband want for Christmas? Well, the only answers that I’m getting are nookie and a bigger big screen TV.

Does that help you?

Here, I’ll elaborate for you.

A Weekend Alone

When you have kids you never get time to go back to couplehood. So, one of the best things you can do is to park the kiddies with grandma and take off for a few days with your significant other, your husband, your mate, your man, your guy, your hubby, your stud…whatever you call him.

Wrap up a picture of yourself in sexy lingerie and make that your main present…along with a receipt to a hotel or motel or whatever…if you can’t afford that (and it IS a recession…so this is a way to give him what he wants for cheap) just borrow a friend’s flat while she’s off visiting her sister for Christmas.

Don’t you think a guy would love to have you all to himself for a few days, without any toddlers or teens whining? Trust me, it’s a good present. Oh, and be very nice to him. Treat him with the attention you would give your kids.

Big Screen TV

If you are rich, buy him that silly big or bigger screen TV or whatever the latest and greatest TV is right now. Just march on down to Best Buy or an electronics store and ask them what’s new. You might be able to beat your husband and buy it before he does. Alternatives would be: A crazy expensive watch (since guys can’t wear huge diamonds. A Porsche. But, you probably haven’t won the lottery yet, have you?


Why anyone needs this is beyond me, but guys say that they want it…so they want it. See his eyes light up with a stupid DVR. You buy silly dancing Micky gifts for your kids, so think of this as the same thing.


Yes, guys like the latest and greatest…and here’s another hint…teenage girls and younger women love these things, too.

Men want the new iPhones because they love gadgets.

Girls want the new iPhones (or any phone) because it’s a way to keep in touch with their buds…in style.

Sound System

Anything related to music or any gadgets related to music are always good. Again, go to Best Buy and ask the geekiest looking man there.


You can get him clothes, but it would be just like a woman getting a pair of socks or a can of deodorant. Better to get him a Hex Bug.

Electric Shaver

Many men use shavers and also razors with blades. An electric shaver is used at different times and often as a quickie solution when the guy is slammed for time. Shavers don’t seem to last forever and the guy will think of you every day as he uses it.

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