Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Are you creating a list of possible upcoming holiday gift ideas, perhaps early (good for you!) or last minute (get going!), for this season’s Christmas shopping? You know dad is good on ties, and he’s got the whole Godfather and Monty Python collection … so what else is there? Read on to learn what you could get the man who proclaims to have everything. Below you find some great, inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for the dad in your life to make this Christmas a memorable season.

Christmas Shopping for Dad

  • Books: For the well-read dad, a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or is always a win-win. You can buy both new and used books at a great price. You can also “go green” with a Kindle. A Kindle is an up-to-date way for your dad to catch up on the latest reads, ready to view at his fingertips.
  • Community Classes: Local community classes offer a variety of learning opportunities, from painting to creative writing to target lessons. Classes are typically in the $30-$100 range for two to four sessions. Keep dad’s mind sharp and support your community at the same time this Christmas with the gift of learning! This Christmas gift will be in perfect timing to register for the spring semester classes opening up.
  • Hometown Newspaper: Live in a different location than your dad? Keep him up-to-date on your hometown happenings with a subscription to your local newspaper. Hash over the latest with him on the day the paper arrives.
  • Date Time: The older we get, the more material items become less important. Consider planning a date with your dad, and give him the gift of your time and love. Creating memories is a wonderful way to make the Christmas season special and honor your father. Plan a night where just the two of you engage in his favorite activities. Does dad love to golf? Schedule a round and hit the green, even if live golfing is as bad as watching the sport on television.
  • Events: Check out upcoming events in your area, such as concerts or comedians. Planning in advance for these events gives you time to financially prepare as well. Not only does this make a great Christmas gift, but is another way to create fun memories.
  • Supporting a Cause: Does dad have a particular cause he believes in? Bless your dad by donating to a worthy cause in his name. Find an organization that resonates with him, do a little online investigating and make a gift in his name.

Now take some of these ideas and create a memorable Christmas for dad this year!

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