Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Many of these ideas have come from “Gifts for Boyfriend” at Choosing something for a guy is tricky at best and no matter what the other websites say, most guys don’t want aftershave or a scarf (unless they’re from Europe.) If you get a guy a scarf, make sure it looks good on you…because you will end up borrowing it.

Pop Up Hotdog Toaster

Pop Up Hotdog Toaster: Guys love to eat things that are greasy and fast…oooh, that doesn’t sound very good does it? Well, hotdogs are the way to a man’s heart. This cute little gadget heats up the hotdog and the bun. $16.98 at Walmart. Other stores include,, and more.

Actually, a hotdog sounds good right now, doesn’t it? And, it goes so well with the next nerdly item.

USB Mini Fridge and Heater

USB Mini Fridge and Heater: Yes, it’s a geek gadget gift. It’s so goofy that it’s great. Will he use it? Probably. Will he think of you when he uses it? Definitely.

Billy Jealousy Intro Kit

This sounds like something good for a metrosexual or an extremely stuck-on-himself guy. If your boyfriend is under the hood of a car all day, I think I’d get him the hotdog toaster, instead of the shampoo. The Billy Jealousy man-care kit comes with 2 ounce bottles of:

  • facial cleanser
  • exfoliating facial cleanser
  • hydroplane shave cream
  • hair strengthening shampoo
  • strengthening conditioner
  • body wash

A Cool Hoodie

One example is the North Face Half Dome Hoodie. Others styles include these cute duds:

  • Lucky Brand Hoosie Pullover Hood
  • Lucky Brand Siege Camo Zip Hoodie
  • Lucky Brand Surplus Hooded Sweater
  • Lucky Brand Zip Hoodie
  • DC Star Pullover Hoodie
  • Oakley Protection Full Zip Hoodie
  • Nike Classic Fleece Full Zip Hoodie
  • Puma Ducati Hooded Jacket
  • Nike 6.0 Basic Logo Hoodie 2

Guitar Hero Travel Game

Pocket Size Guitar Hero Game: This has 10 games from Guitar Hero 1 and 2. Whatever that means…he will know what to do. If he’s a cute guy it will keep him away from the cute girls in his dorm or at his work…right? Money well spent.

Digital Blue Snap Digital Camera

This thing is tiny and it’s more fun than using a phone. This would also make a good girl gift, especially if the girl is pre-cell-phone-with-photo.

Video Game

Batman Arkham Asylum Video Game is new for Playstation 3 and Xbox. While you are thinking about Batman, maybe you want to go as Batman (him) and Robin (you) for Halloween. It’s a cute couples’ costume. Or, you could be Catwoman.

Noise Reduction Headphones

These headphones are soundproof, so you can talk to your boyfriend all day and he’ll just smile and nod his head. That is the epitome of a perfect relationship.

Nike iPod Sport Kit

Nike iPod Sport Kit comes with a sensor that measures your guy’s workout. It is really cool; I think all guys should have that. And, maybe you will break up with him before Christmas and you can keep it for yourself.

A Cool WalletLeSportsac 9745 Men’s Bi-Fold Wallet is a good option. Make sure that this folds fairly flat, or find some other wallet that will. It’s just off-center for a guy to have a fat wallet like an old man.

Nobis Pugsley Hat

Nobis Pugsley Hat: Now, I’m a hat person (some would say a hat freak…you should see my closet) and this is a great hat. I think it would look good on any guy and it’s functional. So, that means he will wear this Nobis hat when it’s cold…and think of you.

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