Christmas Gift Ideas for 2017

What do your family members want for Christmas? Well, every person is different, but here are some options.

Christmas Gifts for Men

Men want time alone with you. They also want anything that looks like the latest gadget. Why do they want things like iPhones, DVRs, and bigger screen TVs? God help me. I don’t know. It must be something to do with genetics and the Y chromosome.

Guys also like tattoos. If your guy is into tattoos, make your own design and wrap it up for him. Then give him a “gift certificate” to his fave tattoo shop. As long as you are not my daughter, you can get a matching tattoo for yourself to complete your romance with ink. (Females should consider how a nice daisy tattoo can become a long-stemmed rose over time.)

Christmas Presents for Women

Women like the usual things…clothes and jewelry are a cliché for a reason, my friends.

Jewelry: Any kind of jewelry is good. You should check out her jewelry box and see if she likes big earrings or small earrings. See if she likes chokers (necklaces that go around her throat) or longer necklaces. One really hip style right now is necklaces that go down really far, like to her bellybutton.

Gifts That Teen Girls Like

The easiest thing for a teen girl is a slouchy knit hat because they stretch to fit all heads. These are really cute and I own a few of them. You can get them cheap at or you can find something amazing at

Gifts That Teen Boys Like

Yow…I don’t have any sons. But, I think that the best present for a boy would be a video game. Find out what his system is – Xbox, PlayStation or whatever and get something that looks gruesome or sexy. Shoot ‘em up cowboy. Some possibilities:

  • $55 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3)
  • $175 Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Bundle (for Xbox 360)
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (for PlayStation 3)

Gift Ideas for Boys

Well, I know that kids like video games. Personally, I’d rather see them outside playing. So, make a compromise and get them a Wii game (or a Wii system) and buy games where they have to get their butts off the floor…and they have to move more than their thumbs. ! HOTTEST Top Ten Wii Balance Board games. Other ideas:

  • Lego Ultimate Building Set
  • Nerf N-Strike Stampede
  • Bananagrams
  • Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys

Christmas Presents for Moms and Dads

If you’re rich (have a job), get mom a ticket for a cruise. Really, just get together with other family members and find her a cheap cruise near your area. This only works if you live somewhere near a port. If you can drive to San Diego, San Pedro, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Boston, Miami, ports in Texas, or anything similar…your mom (of any age) would love this. Cruise tickets aren’t as expensive as you think. She will settle for an inside room…it’s still fun, or she can upgrade it herself. Other presents for mom.

Dads are tricky. They like things like subscriptions to Playboy or season tickets to their favorite team but those are usually out of the question…for their own obvious reasons.

Dads like anything related to their favorite team, anything you can eat, anything that looks like a gadget (if dad isn’t too old and unable to program), anything with peace and quiet: fishing gear or hunting gizmos…if he goes into the wild for peace and quiet. If dad’s socks have holes in them, you might get him socks or undies…because you know he will use that. But, always add something to eat. And, the one universal truth, throughout time, is that dads love food.

Presents for Dogs

If you have granddogs, get your little fur-baby something to chew on. Get rawhide anything. If the dog parent is a vegan, get rawhide anyway. The dog doesn’t want to be a vegetarian…ick.

Gift Ideas for Babies

Get the baby a cool punk rocker hat. They are inexpensive. These are so adorable that everyone will come and coo at the tike…and the extra attention will make the baby happy.

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