Cheap Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Halloween Outdoor Decorating Tips

Trick-or-treaters are likely to visit on Halloween so ensure the outdoor yard and home is suitably decorated. Here are some simple methods for eye-catching displays:

  • Spiderwebs – these are usually inexpensive to purchase or can be made at home by stretching out pieces of cotton wadding and attaching to fences and windows.
  • Make a scarecrow using a carved pumpkin for a head and scary clawed hands.
  • Make a few tombstones from wood and paint with waterproof paint.
  • Try to borrow a mannequin or life size cardboard cutout and dress it up as a witch or vampire.
  • Paint a sign on an old piece of wood with a frightening message such as “enter at your own risk!” or “the witch is in”.
  • Carve ghoulish jack-o-lanterns and put lit ones on the porch or steps to light the entrance.

Halloween Home Decoration Ideas

Attention to detail is often key to turning your home into a haunted house. Ensure all general clutter and unneeded household items are stored away. This will free up space for more ghoulish props and decorations!

  • Add simple yet clever spooky touches to any current pictures you have in glass frames by drawing on the glass using a marker pen. Try doodling spiders, zombies and menacing silhouettes on landscapes, and people can easily be made into pirates, witches or vampires.
  • Ghosts can easily be made with white fabric and two beaded black eyes. Hang using fishing wire in groups in bare areas of the home. Helium balloons can be used inside the fabric to make hovering ghosts that move around the home.
  • Cut out several bat shapes in black card and either hang them or stick onto walls with blu-tack.
  • Empty glass jars and vases can be turned upside down and made into weird and wonderful terrariums with fake snakes and tarantulas.
  • Dim the lighting and use cheap candles or change to a dark colored light bulbs. Incense can be used for a subtle smoky effect or dry ice for spectacular smoke.
  • Existing candle holders can be given a Halloween makeover by drawing on them with black marker pen or decorating with Halloween themed confetti.
  • Cut out black paper silhouettes and stick to windows to add interest.
  • Make papier-mâché hands by mâchéing paper-filled latex gloves and then painting them in a gorey style. Leave these in random places such as on window ledges and around the party food.

Be sure play spooky music and try to hide the speakers so it is atmospheric music. The perfect finishing touch to a haunted house is to ensure that everyone is in suitably scary fancy dress. Cheap Halloween decorations can be impressive and making the props can be the most fun part of this season with the whole family getting together and being creative.

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