Cheap Halloween Decorations: Buy and Create Discount Indoor and Outdoor Halloween Décor

Deck out your house for a Halloween party or in preparation for the night of Oct. 31st without shelling out a scary amount of cash.

Homemade Halloween Decorations

Chances are you have the materials for these spooky decorations in your junk drawer, linen closet or recycling bin. (Be creative with items around the house for cheap Halloween costumes, too.)

Tissue Ghosts: Look no further than your kitchen counter for an easy, kid-friendly and nearly free Halloween decoration. Scrunch a standard-size tissue into a ball and then drape another tissue over it, gathering the second tissue beneath the ball. Tie with a piece of yarn and draw a face on the ghost’s head. With fishing line, hang a dozen or so tissue ghosts around the room at different heights.

Spooky Garbage Bag Doorway: Martha Stewart usually spares no expense when decorating for any holiday, but she pinched her pennies when she designed the spooky entryway curtain made from heavy-duty black garbage bag. Cut 1-1/2-inch vertical strips in the garbage bag without cutting through the fold at the bottom. Then, cut open one side of the bag and tape or tack the bag to the top of the doorway. Carefully pull the individual strands to stretch out the bags and create a spooky, tattered effect.

Ghost in a Jar: Cut a ghost figure from a thin, translucent fabric the width and height of a glass or clear plastic jar from the recycling bin. Draw a spooky face on the ghosts head and affix the head and hands on in the inside of the jar with tiny bits of glue. Label the jar with spirit’s name and date captured.

Cheap Halloween Supplies Online

Don’t go batty spending money on Halloween decorations, these retailers offer inexpensive scary and fall-themed items.

Oriental Trading: The king of cheap novelty retail, Oriental Trading goes whole hog for Halloween on its Web site. Best sellers for 2007 include a 12-foot tissue-paper ghost garland for $2.95, a dozen tissue paper pumpkin globes for $9.95, and a creepy cloth pirate flag measuring nearly four feet across for $7.95. Standard shipping starts at $6.95.

S&S Worldwide: While most of the Halloween decorations at this online and catalog retailer are more light-hearted than scary, the blood window clings, pictured below, stand out. These gel window clings measure 18 inches wide with 11-inch drips of crimson “blood.” At $3.99, they are a horrifyingly good deal. A pack of 100 11-inch Halloween balloons, festooned with spider webs, skeletons and bats sells for $24.99 Shipping costs start at $8.95.

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