Cheap Halloween Decorations and Party Supplies for Wise Witches

Halloween Home Decor

Here are some inexpensive, but eerily elegant ideas:

Spider Webs:

Fake spider webs are cheap and add a lot to the general ambiance. Another way to get the look is to buy cotton batting and pull it apart. Don’t forget the spiders. Then, add fake bugs for the spider’s trapped food. Don’t go overboard with this unless the party is for children.

Black Accessories:

Go to the neighborhood thrift store for cheap (beat up) vases, silverware holders, candelabras or candle holders, fake flowers, wreaths, small statues, wine goblets, or anything with an interesting shape. Spray most of these treasures with flat black spray paint. Some should be painted a nice pumpkin orange, or any interesting combo of colors that will make the objects appear old (dark copper, pewter, gray, wine).

Group the goodies on tables for a nice Gothic effect. Dried red roses always look “fresh” in vases and black spray-painted branches are another good touch. (Use fake flickering candles for a stress-free event, unless only adults are in attendance.)

Unexpected Creepy Details

Halloween Bottles: To make Halloween bottles, save old bottles and jars. Fill with non toxic substances (solids or liquids) and label as poisonous. Either buy sticky labels online or use these printouts:

  • Non-Alcoholic Liquids
  • Bottles and Jugs of Alcohol
  • Sauce Jars
  • Any Jar or Bottle
  • “Poison”

Frozen Hands: Get clear plastic gloves. Several days before the party, fill the gloves with water, tie at the wrist and put in the freezer. Keep the frozen hands in their gloves and use them as ice cubes in punchbowls, on fruit trays, or anywhere.

Halloween Themed BackdropsGet some cheap (unstretched) artist’s canvas from an art supply store. Staple this to the wall and paint black images of cemetery headstones or bare trees. It’s easy to do this and one should not try to make these images look perfect. Use gray blue for the sky and make it painterly by slopping it around a bit. Acrylics are the easiest but oil paints are the best for blending purposes. Have some white paint to add and blend into the sky in random areas.

An easier background can be achieved by cutting out tombstone shapes from cardboard and painting them black or gray. Tape them up along a wall. For design ideas, try Googling things like:

  • Theme Backdrops for Parties
  • Halloween Backdrops

Most inexpensive backdrops and wall decals are suitable, only, for children’s parties, but a host can get good decorating ideas from these backdrop websites. Sometimes these sites carry inexpensive fake headstones, skulls, and other fabulous props that can be blended with more elegant decorative items.

Anyone who has the money should consider having a beautiful backdrop made. Or, find an artist from a local community college. Go for a nebulous, hazy background. It’s faster, easier, and better.

Spooky Bodies

Find an old wedding dress (or any outfit) at the thrift store. Spray it black. Stuff the clothing with newspaper or plastic bags (keep it mostly flat) and staple the outfit to the wall with heavy staples (in a corner where it will startle people). Use a mask for the face and gloves for the hands. Arrange this in a way that it will make interesting “wall art”. Keep it up all year and play with it for various holidays. (Normal people might want to use more stuffing and just set the body on the ground in the corner.

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