Best Christmas Gifts to Self

The Christmas season can be stressful with all the last minute rush, including preparation of Christmas gifts, home decoration, Christmas cards, and other Christmas events. How about that often overlooked gift for one’s self?

Alongside buying gifts for family, friends, and relatives, adults should also find time to get that often neglected gift for themselves. Here are suggested gifts to give to one’s self for Christmas:

Charity Christmas Gift

In general, children have been raised to believe that it is better to give than to receive. Both giver and receiver should do so with affection and sincerity. And talking about Christmas gifts, a feel-good gesture is a charity Christmas gift to one’s favourite charity organization. To quote the great Christian philosopher St. Francis of Assisi, “It is in giving that we receive…” Such an endearing thought!

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

It is human nature to always want for more and to overlook blessings at hand. Thanksgiving and gratiftude should be given focus. When people remember to be thankful and grateful for what they have, they not only possess that inner contentment but also attract better things to come.

Peace, Love and Joy

Give the gift of peace, joy and love by not being too hard on one self. Nobody is perfect. More often, and consciously or not, people focus on fears, frustrations, ill-feelings, unfulfilled expectations, limitations and things they lack in life. Joy, peace and love are great messages of Christmas carols as they are equated to what real Christmas is all about. Even when continuously unrecognized by “perfectionist” bosses or editors, anyone can be content enough as long as doing one’s best. There needs to be a slowing down to feel the moment.

Good Health

Give self permission and time to get back to eating that balanced meals, exercise, a walk, listen to music, walk the dog, or whatever is deemed enjoyable to do.

Meditation for Spiritual Connection

This is all about reflecting contemplatively, and creating space and time for self amid all the rush of the season. For people who recognize a God or a higher power in whatever form, time as a gift can be set aside to explore the meaning of that spiritual connection and ways that highest ideals can be expressed and released.

Healthy Relationship

Find time to get together for lunch, dinner or a quiet talk with family and friends. Listen to them, talk on the phone to people you can’t be with, enjoy pleasant memories of family or friends who can be called. For one who is undergoing a murky relationship, a proper guidance and advice is needed from competent or a professional counselor. There’s no point in clinging to any relationship if has been stormy for a long while, or if it no longer works.

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