Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Under $10

During the holiday season, everyone is on the hunt for cheap gift ideas for family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and all of those people on the list. To help out, here are some great Christmas and holiday gift ideas for under $10.

Cheap Food Gift ideas Under $10

Here’s a fun gift idea for anyone with kids, or anyone with a playful side and a sweet tooth: a cookie making gift basket. Start by making a sugar cookie recipe, minus the eggs, oil, and anything else that’s wet or perishable. Package the dry ingredients carefully and place in a pretty basket, along with clear instructions on what to add to the mix and how to bake the cookies.

Next, add other cookie making supplies to the basket. Include a container of pre-made frosting (homemade frosting is perishable and won’t last as long). Cookie cutters are inexpensive and can be used for future projects as well. Finally, purchase some cookie decorations such as sprinkles, nuts, and small candies, and divide these up into Ziploc bags to place in multiple gift baskets.

Another classic food gift: cookbooks. Large bookstore chains always seem to have plenty of colorful cookbooks in the bargain bin. Look for cookbooks that are tailored to individual tastes and dietary needs (a diabetic cookbook for Aunt Bertha; a vegetarian cookbook for a non-meat eating coworker; a pie cookbook for that neighbor who’s always baking).

Cheap Crafty Gifts Under $10

For gift givers who enjoy making crafts, try making a decorated photo album. Most people need photo albums, especially around the holiday season. Purchase an inexpensive one and decorate it with rubber stamps, decals, and other crafty touches. A Christmas, holiday, or winter theme would be a nice touch. For a personalized touch, include a few starter pictures of the gift recipient and his or her family or friends.

Another classic cheap and easy craft ideas: decorated Christmas ornaments. There’s really no end to how these can be decorated: with paint, sparkles, snowflake or Santa decals, sequins, family initials, bows, or just about anything imaginable. This is a great way to get kids involved in gift giving, for who wouldn’t want a keepsake ornament from an adorable niece, nephew, or friend of the family? (Just be careful to only give these gifts to people who actually celebrate Christmas, as someone who doesn’t won’t find this useful and may possibly be insulted.)

Cheap and Practical Gifts Under $10

One practical and easy gift to consider is a wall calendar. An overused gift idea? Probably. But who doesn’t need a calendar? For family members, consider creating a holiday photo calendar. Buy these sentimental homemade gifts in bulk and the price goes down.

Another practical gift idea: a houseplant. Here’s something else that most people appreciate. Choose plants that don’t require excessive amounts of care, especially if the recipient doesn’t really have a green thumb. Also, be careful to choose plants that aren’t toxic to house pets or children.

In addition, consider giving some handy kitchen gadgets. No, top of the line kitchen stuff can’t be purchased for under $10. However, for this price and a decent sale, the gift giver can purchase a nice bottle opener, an interesting serving spoon, mixing spoons, a knife sharpener, a set of teaspoons, a cookie jar, and so forth. Look in kitchen stores that sell products that are a bit unique.

Creative, Useful Gifts Under $10

Holiday gifts do not have to be expensive to be meaningful, and with a little imagination and thought, $10 can really go a long way. Happy bargain shopping!

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