Bavarian Alternative Artisan Christmas Market in Bamberg Germany

Bamberg Germany boasts no less than five Christmas markets. In addition to the largest one in Maxplatz and the well-known Nativity Trail, there are three smaller markets. You can visit Medieval and Advent Markets and an Alternative Artisan/Crafts (Alternativer Kunsthandwerker-Weihnachtsmarkt) Christmas Market as well.

Free, Family-Friendly Arts and Crafts, Kids Activities, Circus, Ballet and Fairy Tales

A diverse range of events and activities can be found at this market, and the emphasis is on families. The celebration is organized with children in mind and with giving parents a break from the holiday rush.

For example, children can enjoy readings of fairy tales, circus acts and ballet performances. There is a book exhibition and twice-daily Advent presentations against a backdrop of seasonal decorations, live Christmas music and traditional holiday treats.

An authentic stone oven turns out fresh-baked bread. A live Nativity scene watches over about 40 booths with artisans selling their quality handmade goods, such as olive wood crib figurines and other handcrafted items. There is even a doll hospital on site.

Admission to the festivities is free, but donations are welcome. All proceeds go to the Don Bosco Youth Foundation of Bamberg.

Don Bosco and St. Josefsheim in Bamberg

The Don Bosco Foundation of Bamberg sponsors this market. The Don Bosco Youth Organization (Jugendwerk) is named after an Italian Catholic priest who was later canonized for dedicating his life to helping poor children. He set up a group of organizations that carry on this work today worldwide. St. Josefsheim is the physical location where this organization runs its programs in Bamberg. The Christmas Market takes place in the inner courtyard of St. Josefsheim.

Third Weekend of Advent Annually

The Alternative Artisan market is always held on the third weekend of Advent. In 2017 the date is December 11 and 12, which marks its sixth annual occurrence.

How to Find the Alternative Artisan Christmas Market in Bamberg

The Artisan Christmas Market is held about 600 yards from the famous Bamberg Cathedral. To find the Market, from the steps of the Cathedral take the street to the left that runs past the New Residence and head uphill toward the Michelsberg monastery. Then take the fourth left onto Jakobsplatz. Stay to the left when this street forks. In a few steps you will see the festivities at St. Josefsheim/Don Bosco Jugendwerk. The address is Jakobsplatz 15, 96049 Bamberg, Germany.

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