Awesome Halloween Pranks to Scare Someone

Halloween is not only for treats but for the tricks too as they double the fun at this eve. It is a spooky event and people are always finding ways to scare the hell out of their friends and family so that they could have a good laugh. Whether the prank is funny or not, the thing that you should keep in mind it shouldn’t be harmful or destructive. You should make sure that the prank doesn’t harm anyone’s wellbeing and isn’t destructive for anyone’s property either. So are you looking for some mind blowing pranks to create a big scare? We have some great ideas for you to try. Have a look at these Halloween pranks:

1.     Face in a jar:

Have you seen such horror movies in which a killer or man-eater gathers body parts in a jar to preserve them?  This prank is somewhat similar and can scare the hell out of your loved ones. Though it requires some time and effort but it’s worth it. You have to take a photo of you and have it printed on a hard card board paper, and then laminate it with a plastic coating. Now fill a jar with water and add some light food coloring such as yellow or orange. Roll your photo like a tissue roll and then put it in the jar. You can place the jar anywhere such as in fridge or on the kitchen’s counter to make your loved ones skip a beat.

2.     Mirror writing:

This trick is also a scary one and can make anyone panic. You have to be very careful with this trick as it can go in vain if timing isn’t considered. You have to do this just before your friend or family member is going to take a bath. Just go into the bathroom and write a scary sentence on the mirror such as ‘You are being watched’, ‘Leave my home’, or ‘Save my lost soul’. You can write with your finger or use a tissue paper to do so too. The writing will be visible when your loved one will start bathing and there is enough fog in the bathroom. Be ready to hear a scream then.

3.     Hang out with a ghost friend:

For this you’ll need a friend along with you in the trick. You can use this trick to scare anyone even strangers. You can have your friend dressed in scary attire such as have matted hair, torn clothes, and scary makeup. You can use powder to make your friend’s hair and face look weird. Your ghost friend can walk along with you and you can pretend that you can’t see him/her to make it more scary.

4.     Act as a mannequin:

If you want to scare general public, this prank is the best. However, to do so you’ll need to be friends with a shop or store owner where there are mannequins. Just choose a dress from the clothes store and stand along with the mannequins so as to mimic them. When any customer comes near, you can make a sudden movement like jump, scream, or grab them. Yeah it can give a mini heart attack to them.


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