Aromatherapy Gift Ideas for Christmas

Scents are associated with different memories and events; Christmas and the holiday season is a time of pine trees and seasonal spices in North America and Europe. By choosing Christmas gifts with aromatherapy scents, the memories will linger long past the holidays. There are many different ways to use aromatherapy throughout the holidays. However, for both scent and healing, choose Christmas aromatherapy gifts made with pure essential oils and herbs, and not fragrance oils.

Choosing Christmas Aromatherapy Scents

Pure essential oils used in the practice of aromatherapy possess therapeutic properties. Choose Christmas aromatherapy scents that are seasonal, relaxing or stimulating, depending on the mood desired. For example, for a true Christmas and holiday feeling, choose pine, cypress, nutmeg or cinnamon. Frankincense and myrrh are traditionally associated with Christmas but are also relaxing aromatherapy scents, as is sandalwood. Oranges were traditionally placed in Christmas stockings for young children, so bring back childhood memories and uplift the Christmas atmosphere with citrus scents such as orange and mandarin.

Aromatherapy Candles for Christmas

Candles are synonymous with Christmas and provide both warmth and light. Aromatherapy candles are a relatively cheap Christmas gift and are suitable for most people; choose from votive candles, tea light candles, pillar candles and spa candles. Ensure the candle is scented with pure aromatherapy oils. In addition, aromatherapy soy candles do not produce the same toxicity as regular paraffin candles and are also environmentally friendly.

Aromatherapy Soap for Christmas

Homemade, aromatherapy soap is becoming popular amongst home crafters and hobbyists. Aromatherapy soap made with pure essential oils is healing for many skin conditions, depending on the type of essential oils chosen. Aromatherapy soap is another reasonably priced Christmas gift and is suitable for all members of the family.

Aromatherapy Pillows and Sachets for Christmas

Aromatherapy pillows and aromatherapy sachets are traditional gift ideas that are probably most reminiscent of grandma’s era. However, aromatherapy pillows and sachets are making a comeback. Use aromatherapy sachets to fragrance drawers and closets; use aromatherapy pillows to relax tired eyes. Aromatherapy pillows and sachets are usually filled with relaxing herbs or oils such as lavender. In addition, lavender is said to be an effective way of repelling moths.

Aromatherapy Gift Baskets for Christmas

To combine a number of aromatherapy gifts for Christmas, choose either a ready-made gift basket or buy a gift basket and add individual aromatherapy gifts. A home made aromatherapy gift basket for Christmas can be both personal and healing. For smaller gifts, gift wrap aromatherapy products in an individual gift bag and decorate with ribbon.

Cautions for Using Aromatherapy

Although aromatherapy gifts made with pure essential oils are healing, take care when choosing an aromatherapy gift for pregnant women, children, the elderly or someone with a specific health condition. Check individual essential oil profiles and ask for further information from a qualified aromatherapist. However, the majority of aromatherapy gifts, when purchased from a reputable supplier and used correctly, are suitable for use by most people. Christmas aromatherapy gifts are both practical and beautiful gifts to both give and receive!

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