A Unique, Eco, Christmas Gift – Vegetable And Herb Seeds

Seeds are a simple, thoughtful and environmentally friendly gift. Giving a present of seeds is to give somebody the opportunity and satisfaction of producing their own food. Growing vegetables is an ancient and rewarding pastime that can relieve the stress of modern living. It is a joy to follow the seed as it first germinates, then grows into a lush plant and finally produces tasty vegetables. Freshly picked, home grown vegetables and herbs are second to none in the kitchen. The gift of seeds can be tailored to any budget, is easy to post and just one packet of seeds in a Christmas card is a lovely surprise.

Give Seeds As A Christmas Gift

Seeds make a fantastic present at any time of year but Christmas is especially good as it gives the gardener time to plan where to plant the seeds and prepare the soil if needed.

Tailoring The Gift To The Person

With a little thought this gift can be tailored to the individuals gardening abilities.

If the recipient does not have a garden then choose seeds suitable for a window box or indoor pot. Many herbs grow well this way and are useful in the kitchen. They are simple to grow and suitable for people who are new to gardening. All of the following grow well indoors: basil, chervil, chives, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme.

For people with a yard, patio or roof garden, seeds can be grown in containers and still give a good yield. Tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot, dwarf French beans and spring onions are good container vegetables.

For the person with a bigger garden, squash plants look fantastic, are easy to grow and cook and come in many fascinating varieties. Look for the traditional Cinderella pumpkin (Rouge Vif D’Etampes), interesting Spaghetti Squash or the classic Courgette Verde D’Italia.

For the experienced vegetable gardener, consider giving them something new to try. Okra and globe artichoke have the most beautiful flowers as well as being delicious to eat. Loofah plants are an interesting talking point in the garden and the loofahs themselves a versatile vegetable. Consider giving heirloom seeds. These are old, and sometimes rare, varieties and the gardener will be able to see the plant through it’s full life-cycle from seed back to seed again to be used the following year.

Wherever possible buy organic as seed crops are heavy users of environmentally damaging pesticides and fertilizers.

Other Gardening Gift Ideas To Go With The Seeds

A wooden dibber to help sow and transplant seeds and seedlings.

Wooden labels are sustainable and look fantastic.

Terracotta pots, window boxes or indoor plant pots.

A gardening book.

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