A Spooktacular Halloween Movie Night

Halloween is considered a night to go out and socialize, but some of the best Halloweens are the ones spent at home. This Halloween try having a movie night instead of a big party, it can be just close friends or just you and your sweetie. To have the best night you need to be sure to set the mood and make your guests feel relaxed and welcome.

Set the Mood for your Movie Night

Make sure that you have enough comfortable seating for everyone; this is necessary for a long movie session. Instead of using uncomfortable wooden and metal chairs consider using bean bags. If you are limited on seating, consider seeing if guests are able to bring something to sit on. Also, it’s important to have a lot of blankets and pillows out to make sure that your guests stay warm and cozy. They can also be arranged to make the room more inviting.

Halloween Costumes

Costumes are still allowed on movie nights but, try to encourage guests to wear comfortable costumes. For example, a cat is an easy costume to make and it’s comfortable. Just wear black yoga pants with a black top and a headband with cat ears. The more comfortable your guests are the more fun they will have.

Halloween Movie Night Treats

Snacks are always a very important part of any gathering. Make sure to have a lot of comfort foods available during your movie night; they can also have a Halloween theme. Since this is a movie night make easy, traditional Halloween snacks so it will be less stressful. For example, a nice spread would be: caramel apples, popcorn (a variety of flavors), and fun sized candy treats. Another great option would be to make something in a crock-pot. That way it will stay warm all night without any extra work. For instance, try having sloppy joes. Some nice mugs of hot cocoa and mulled cider are also great for a cozy evening.

The Best Halloween Movies for Your Party

The most important part of the movie night would, of course, be the movies. Make sure that you have a great variety so all of your guests are satisfied. If you have a large gathering and enough rooms and televisions available consider showing two movies at once. Another great idea is to allow guests to bring movies as well so you can have a greater variety.

All in all the most important aspect of the party is that everyone is comfortable and has a good time, including the host.

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