6 Tips for Last Minute Christmas Shoppers

There are six days until Christmas Eve. Only six days to make the last of your Christmas preparations. To help those of you who may still have shopping to do, here are six things you may keep in mind.

1)Don’t wait until Christmas Eve. Yes, these tips are to encourage last minute shoppers and their habit of getting gifts almost before it’s too late. However, consider Christmas Eve as too late. If you go out for a few hours on Christmas Eve, everyone will know you went shopping at the last minute, and you don’t want that. Plus, if you go to a mall on Christmas Eve, you will be crowded by all the other Christmas Eve shoppers. It will be noisy and stuffy and you may get a mall headache.

2) Avoid dollars stores at all costs. You will get trampled. Remember the rule about running into all the other last minute shoppers. Yes, the dollar store is cheap and fairly convenient, however, you may end up spending more time waiting in the line to pay and leave than you spend finding your purchases.

3) Try not to buy your turkey at the very last minute. Turkeys bought at the last minute are most likely the unwanted ones because they are too large, too small, too old, or simply not the brand you prefer. Therefore, if you wait too long to get your turkey you may end up with slim pickings for choices. However, if you can’t help waiting until the last minute to get the turkey, remember that grocery stores are like the crowded Christmas Eve mall or the dollar stores during Christmastime. You may want to find a 24-hour grocery store and go at a time when there shouldn’t be a huge crowd – like midnight.

4) Try your downtown “Mom & Pop” shops. Big box stores and fancy malls may be all that and a bag of chips, but they run into the noisy crowd problem. Also, it’s usually quality and not quantity that matters. Small “Mom & Pop” shops tend to have great selections of whatever you’re looking for, and then some. By looking in a little hobby shop, you may find the absolute gem of a gift that you never even thought of searching out.

5) Don’t take your kids with you. Many children tend to ask for the things they see and want in that moment and may be disappointed should they not get it. If they are the kind of children that pull food off the racks in the grocery store and put them in the cart without your notice, it may be best to not let them come on your most last-minute shopping trip. Try leaving them with grandma and grandpa.

6) Hide your gifts in the closet and wrap them on Christmas Eve. You may be a last minute shopper, but may not want to let everyone else know that your shopping was done last-minute. So get the gifts whenever you get them and hide them in the closest until the very last minute. Then wrap them and place them under your tree on Christmas Eve, just in time for them to wait overnight to be opened. That way, no one will actually know when you did your shopping, all they will know is that your wrapping was done at the last minute.

Six days will be over before we know it. In the meantime, allow these tips to help you stress less and have more fun.

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