Halloween on a Budget: Find Cheap Party, Costume & Craft Ideas

How to Find Cheap Halloween Costumes and Masks

Parents that want to buy Halloween costumes and masks may find it cheaper to use online stores rather than to shop offline, especially as the holiday approaches. Those that really want to save some cash could, however, make their own costumes and masks at home, either from scratch or adapted from existing dressing-up gear.

Costume ideas and free templates for masks are easily found on online printable sites and kids can have some fun creating their own from scratch. Swapping with/borrowing items from other parents may also be an option worth considering.

How to Throw a Cheap Halloween Party

Some families like to host a Halloween party every year. Again, store-bought stuff can prove costly and it may be worth investigating ways of saving money. Parents could, for example, band together to hold a joint party with every adult bringing a decoration and/or plate of food. Those hosting their own parties can help the kids make their own gruesome party food (free online recipe sites may be useful for ideas).

Homemade decorations can also help with a budget. It may be worth looking at websites that offer free templates and downloads and then letting the kids loose with some paints or crayons to make spooky pictures and paper chains to decorate the house. Traditional party games are often cheap to put together and can be easily adapted to the Halloween theme.

How to Find Free Halloween Crafts and Arts Stuff

Kids really enjoy arts and crafts projects in the run up to Halloween. These can also be used as decorations on the day. Parents don’t necessarily have to buy craft sets or special materials. Most will have the basics at home and only need ideas for projects to get going.

The Internet can be a valuable resource here as well. Many sites offer free Halloween printables, ideas for craft projects, games, pumpkin carving templates and even free party invite templates to print off and decorate at home.

Many modern parents are concerned about the commercialism of the Halloween holiday and the environmental costs of celebrating it. Those that would like to be more eco-friendly and healthy at this time of year may find it useful to learn more about the Green Halloween program.

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