Simple Halloween Crafts and Decorations: Homemade Decorations Make All Hallows’ Eve Even Spookier

When fall rolls around, the ghosts and ghouls start coming back out. Giant spider webs appear throughout the neighborhood, and orange lights show up in trees and along rooftops. Decorating for All Hallows’ Eve starts early in many places, and getting crafty with scary scenes can be a whole lot of spooky fun for parents and kids alike.


Carving pumpkins is a classic Halloween tradition, dating back hundreds of years. Few things give kids more pleasure than scooping out the seeds and “guts” of a pumpkin and carving a ghoulish smiling face. However, there are other fun ways to decorate pumpkins for display. (Source: Wikipedia)

  • Gluing beads to a pumpkin reduces the need for making a mess while carving a pumpkin. Although these pretty pumpkins will be harder to see after dark unless given a spotlight, designs can be much more intricate and personal. This is also a good way to give smaller children a chance to decorate a pumpkin without the use of a knife.
  • Painting pumpkins is a common alternative to carving. Craft paint allows kids to put whatever they want on a pumpkin and again helps parents avoid using a knife.
  • Stencils of everything from faces to animals to movie characters are available. Using a stencil is a practical way to help a carver create the best-looking pumpkin on the block.

Ghosts, Monsters and Witches Decorations and Crafts

There are many spooky Halloween decorations available in stores that will light up, make spooky noises and frighten kids and grown-ups alike. It can be equally fun to have an eerily silent yard filled with ghosts and homemade monsters as well, and much less expensive.

  • Making ghosts for the yard is as simple as blowing up a few balloons, tying sheets around them and hanging the sheets where they will be visible to wary trick-or-treaters. This is one of the simplest Halloween decorations to make at home. On windy nights, these ghosts will look even spookier.
  • A scarecrow or green-faced monster holding a bowl of candy is a fun way to help manage the trick or treat flow, and watching kids timidly approach the porch is entertaining for everyone. Stuffing an old pair of jeans, a shirt and some shoes with hay or balled up newspapers and printing, drawing or placing a mask underneath a hat filled to make a realistically shaped head makes this an easy decoration.
  • Witches require a little more preparation than ghosts or monsters. Buying or making a pointy hat doesn’t take too much effort, but creating a scary looking witch can be a challenge. Many decorations feature a flattened witch against a house or tree, but it’s sometimes more fun to have her watching from a rooftop or suspended from a branch. Making another scarecrow body in dark clothes along with the pointed hat and placing it to its best and spookiest advantage will be a fun project for parents and kids. The witch’s face can be made with a simple papier-mâché project or the purchase of a warty mask.

Simple Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Making the walk up to the treats spooky for kids is simple and inexpensive. Orange lights are a simple purchase that nevertheless gives a whole house the feeling of fall. There are many other easy ways to dress up a house in its own Halloween costume.

  • Fake spider webs can be bought, made with black string or wispy pieces of cotton tacked to doorframes, tree branches or porch railings. Wrapping a house in spider webs is a classic and creepy way to prepare for Halloween.
  • Making spiders to go along with the webs is a simple and classic Halloween decoration; buying a few foam balls and black paint and some black pipe cleaners couldn’t be simpler. Sticking legs into the spiders and hanging them from their webs is a great project for small kids who want to help with decoration.
  • Spooky, small ghosts made from squares of white cloth hung along doorways or sidewalks make a great addition to bigger sheet ghosts.

When decorating for Halloween, a spirit of fun is always important. Getting parents and kids involved in the process of making a house as spooky as possible with homemade Halloween decorations is a good way to get the house and family ready for the scariest night of the year. Keeping decorations simple and safe isn’t too hard, and helps get everyone into the spirit of the holiday.

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