Halloween Craft Ideas Using Kids’ Hands: Make Spiders, Monsters, Ghosts, and Tombstones Paper Decorations

Use the hands of children to create spooky Halloween decorations for the classroom or home. Simply trace the hand of a child to make spider fingers, monsters, tombstones, or ghosts and have him add detail with pastels.

Spider Fingers

Students trace their hand minus their thumbs. Students will have eight fingers in total. Hands represent the legs of the spiders.

Students will decorate each spider leg with Halloween themed pictures, colors, and/or numbers. Students may wish to color a leg orange and write the number 13 on the leg. As well, students may draw pictures of pumpkins or candy treats.

After students have finished decorating their eight legs, they will trace one foot or draw an oval shape to represent the body of the spider. Students will add 6 eyes for the spider. Googly eyes can be used or eyes cut out from magazines. Another option is for students to bring a photograph of their eyes and the teacher photocopies them. This is time consuming, but the eyes would be excellent detail for the spider.

Next, students glue one hand on either side of the foot or oval. The creepy spider is complete and is ready to decorate the classroom.

Monster Hands

Students loosely trace around a hand. Students are to exaggerate the shape of the hand. Students then draw a face on the palm of the hand. Creepy, happy, scary, and silly are some examples of the monster faces.

Fingers of the hand represent the hair of the monster. Students may glue cotton ball on the fingers for the hair and strategically place spiders in the hair. As well, they may choose to curl the fingers down by rolling it around a pencil. Options for decorating the hair are limitless.

Tombstone Fingers

Students trace around both hands. Students cut out the hands and cut off each finger. Each finger will represent a tombstone in the graveyard.

Students write silly sayings or names on the individual tombstone fingers and decorate.

Tombstone Sayings

  • Al B. Rightback
  • Alex Blaine Later
  • Emma Ghost
  • Emma Skeleton

After the tombstones are finished, it is time to create the graveyard. A class graveyard may be created or individual graveyards to be displayed. Graveyard will be created on black paper. Students glue their tombstones on the paper and add detail such as rocks, grass, flowers, and trees to the graveyard.

Ghost Hands

Students trace a hand, as they keep their fingers close together with their thumb to the side. Students cut out the hand and turn it upside down. The palm represent the face of the ghost, fingers are the bottom of the ghost body. Students draw a silly, happy, or scared face on the ghost.

Next, students trace the finished ghost on a piece of white paper. Students color the second ghost with an assortment of colors. Pastels and crayons are ideal to use as the colors remain vibrant. After the second ghost is complete, the first ghost is glued on top of the second ghost. Color from the second ghost will show thorough creating an interesting ghost.

Spiders, monsters, tombstones, and ghosts are fun Halloween hand craft activities for kids. They are a favorite among parents because as they return to the Halloween hand crafts, they will remember the small tender hand of their child.

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