Printable Halloween Crafts: Find Free Holiday Templates Online

TV Character Related Halloween Printables and Projects

Younger kids often like to work on arts and crafts projects that are connected to their favorite films or TV shows. Both the Nick Jr and PBS Kids websites have Halloween themed areas with a variety of printables and projects tied into popular TV shows and characters. Options here include:

  • coloring pages
  • craft projects
  • masks
  • party invitations
  • placemats
  • stencils, decals and iron-ons
  • games

Those looking for general Halloween printables and projects or for activities for older children also have plenty of options to choose from on other arts and crafts sites.

General Printable Halloween Crafts, Arts Projects and Coloring Pages

There are plenty of general arts and crafts websites with a holiday section or theme that parents can use to find free stuff for them to do. This can help fill in some time and allow children to prepare for Halloween by making their own decorations, coloring in printables and getting step by step instructions on home-made craft projects.

The following sites may be a good place to start:

  • Disney FamilyFun: Disney’s FamilyFun magazine runs a website with a range of arts and crafts projects and a comprehensive Halloween area. As well as holiday crafts, decorations and printables, the site also offers a range of recipes, costumes and games ideas. Their How-to videos may be useful for more complex crafts projects. Parents can also get extra tips in the Show & Tell areas which include comments and pictures from people who have already completed projects.
  • Kaboose: This family and parenting site has individual areas for major holidays, including Halloween. Divided into crafts, recipes, party and costumes sections, it offers a wide variety of themed printables, crafts and decoration ideas and templates. The site also contains some fun online quizzes and Trick or Treating tips.
  • Green Halloween: The website of the Green Halloween initiative is designed to help families and communities to create more eco-friendly holidays. The site does have some coloring printables, puzzles and games and also offers a few fun craft projects that could also give a useful environmental message to kids.

Helping kids to find and make their own printable Halloween crafts projects and decorations can be a lot more fun that simply buying stuff in stores. It can also save parents a lot of cash. Those interested in creating a more “home-made” and cost-effective Halloween may also find the following articles useful.

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